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Understanding Infidelity Social Sciences Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


We always hear of stories of infidelity, from politicians to family members. It is such a common yet sad occurrence that we all know. Why? Why do people cheat on love ones? Why is it such a frequent event in our society? I believe humans are filled with temptation good or bad, from the story of Adam and Eve to the donut you shouldn’t have for breakfast. I believe infidelity happens because temptation. Temptation fuels us, to do things that sometimes are sinful. This paper will untangle the questions surrounding why people cheat.
Paper shall be MLA format compliant, and is 7-10 pages (not including a cover page and references page). The paper should have the usual research paper structure:
-Cover Page
-Introduction – give a background of the topic and define the problem

-Identify the hypothesis – the specific question you plan to research and explore through the paper

-Literature Review – conduct a literature review, seeking out books, journal articles, and other academically credible works that have addressed your topic in the past, and analyze what they have found

-Conclusion – reflect back on your original research intention (the hypothesis), and tie together key topics from your research that support or reject your hypothesis.
Identify future research opportunities or limitations to the research – given the brevity of the paper, not all tangents can be covered by your research, identify what topics you would include if you had more time and resources.

-References page


Professor’s name:
Understanding Infidelity
Infidelity describes the betrayal of sexual or emotional commitments or investments in other people, and it is the leading cause of breakups in relationships as well as most marriages around the world. Cases of suicides, homicides, and other psychological effects requiring special attention also form part of the adverse repercussions of infidelity at the extreme. A strong correlation also exists between the spread of sexually transmitted diseases or infection and infidelity, which further stresses on the importance of making a detailed discussion on the subject. It is a disgraceful menace to the society demanding an unbiased approach to determine the underlying causes for its proliferation in the society today or at the very least elaborate on the perceivable factors leading to infidelity in a relationship. A natural feature in human beings is to have that which they desire, and as such temptation to indulge oneself when the opportunity arises is often so hard to overcome. It is without a doubt that temptation is one of the most common reasons given for a person’s infidelity, but is it truly the underlying factor or are there any other equally contributing or driving factors towards infidelity? A comprehensive approach towards addressing the outlined issue requires providing answers to the simple and most often discussed question in the society on matters relationships, why do people cheat?

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