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Super Heroes and Popular Culture (Research Paper Sample)


Informative and evaluative report investigating a myth about America that has a past, present, and future—in other words, the topic has some historical background, a present day status/connection, and future relevance/impact/implications/significance.ur writing will reflect aspects of informative reporting, synthesis, analysis, inference, interpretation, reflection, and speculation—all show critical thinking. Topics usually will have a social science/humanities thrust; a trend that has a affected society in some way works well. This paper is not a controversial issue paper, though your topic may entail some controversy as you discover more about it. Perhaps take one of your career goals or interests and find a unique way of looking at it and thinking about it. What are some other myths in America? Wealth, health, food, entertainment, sports, the west, or industry…how can you delve into the past about specific issue involving the myth you select that established the topic? How has it evolved and how do we look at the topic presently? What significance in the future will changes in topic continue to have?
Use these sources i have posted here and the link to an image at the bottom of the list and use the quotes i wrote and others you can find dont use other sources
Comic Books 101 The History, Methods and Madnness by Chris Ryall and Scott Tipton
Comic Books Examaning Pop CultMarvelsted by David M. Haugen
"points out comic books are of the few pop culture art forms that tat allows fans to interact with the creators and each other in dialues that can have meaningful impact on the progress of series" page 57
"along with the "fan-addict club" the lettercols were crucial in creating brand loyalty - and the sense of comunity- comon among EC's fans" page 58-59
"by the 1960s letters pages had become and constituted a crucial ingredient in the orgins of an organized comics fandom" page 59
"comics were one of the perferred reading materials o U.S. servive men and there publishers printed stories and the importance of fighting for democracy and the americand way of life" page 59
"when japan and ally of germany attached america in december 1941 comic book super heroes were finally unleahed to take on nations foes overseas as well as at home "
page 69Comics & Ideology edited by Mathew P. McAllister, Edward H. Jewell, Jr and Ian Gordon
Super Heroes: a never ending battle directed by Michael Cantor
Comic Store Heroes direted Ed Perkins (it can be found on netflix)
Stan Lee's Mutants, Monsters and Marvels (it can be found on hulu)

Super Heroes and Popular Culture
American pop culture is one that has been around for quite some time and has had some of the most profound impacts in the American population. It is a culture that has redefined the way that Americans develop ideas, images, perspectives, attitudes and the aspects of phenomenon. At the heart of the popular culture is the mass media which has been used as the platform to launch and maintain the elements of the culture among the American people. It is a culture that was born in the late19th century and one that has maintained it basic influence in the present times and is bound to have a lot of impacts in the future(Comic Store Heroes). The continuity of the culture relates to the impacts that it has had and continuous to have on the population relative to their reliance on the mainstream media content. It has spread from the entertainment industry, sports, politics, news, technology, language and the fashion industry(McAllister, Sewell and Gordon, 139). As such, it can be said to be one of the most revolutionary cultures that has been experienced in the last century alone, with implications that are far reaching than has been documented(Haugen, 133). It is a culture that set the values, standards and even the expectations of the people. One of the basic elements that have been driven through the culture is that of super heroes(
Super heroes
The end of the Second World War brought with it major shifts in the social and cultural aspects within the American society. At the same time, there were developments in the media sector as innovations brought more content to the living rooms. With the exposure to the different elements of the culture and the redefined aspects of the culture following the end of the war, people embraced a new twist of heroes(Haugen 73). The people were seeking new ways to relive the moments of the war, with ideologies that brought their notions of super powers and the ability to bring down the enemies as they emerge. It was a way of generating the same elements of the way, with a different twist where the villainswere quashed under the powerful interceptions of the super heroes(Comic Store Heroes). As such, the culture has created characters that are seen are the saviors of the people and has managed to create a sense of belonging.
Most of the people in America identify with super heroes and their powers, relative to making the world a safer place(McAllister, Sewell and Gordon, 191). This is borne of the fact that,after the war, most of the people developed a sense of belonging to the struggles that their country went through, relative to the attacks and the ability to retaliate. Using the mainstream media, the popular culture has popularized the element of the super heroes in the country the level that it has been adopted in various media content, such as movies, music, comics, books, novels, clothing, toys and quite a number of aspects that people interact with including festivals( The level of integration of the super heroes in the popular culture is quite profound and is going to be extended into the future with ramifying impacts on the people as they strive to honor their national heritage through the myths(Haugen, 119). Like most myths, the attachment of the people to whatthey hold important is one of the common reasons that they live on for generations. The super hero myths are likely to live on for many years to come, relative to the fact that they have been heavily integratedinto the culture covering most aspects in the society.
Super heroes in movies
The movie industry is one of the largest economically; raking in billions of dollars in revenue from various productions. At the center of the popular culture is the mass media platform that ...
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