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Criminal Justice Instructor: Sir Francis Galton Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Prompt from my Criminal Justice Instructor:
Write a research paper on the forensic historian “Sir Francis Galton”. 
The research paper must be at least 5 pages in length with the references included. 
The topic must be on Sir Francis Galton's contribution to the forensic science field. 
The research paper should include a minimum of 3 full written pages, along with decent size pictures and your reference page. You may include pictures, graphs, equipment design etc…
You must have a bibliography page. Use footnotes when you are using material written by another person so you can keep track of your resources.
Research Paper must be in Font Times New Roman with 1 Inch margins all around.

Sir Francis Galton was a science writer and a part-time researcher from Britain. He is known for his enormous contribution in the fields of biometry, statistics and psychology. He was born in 1882 in England. Galton attended school and immediately begun a program in London that was based on medical research. His hope of becoming a doctor obsessed his early manhood. He joined a medical school in London where he became the most recognized student due to his commitment. Galton was always focused and all the students admired his confidence and his will to learn.[. Sera–Shriar, E. (2015). Anthropometric portraiture and Victorian anthropology: Situating Francis Galton's photographic work in the late 1870s. History of Science, 53(2), 155-179.]
Galton often visited the libraries where he acquired more information about statistics and other fields. Galton also had a unique interest in the study of remains and skeletons. Partridge, one of his friends, helped him to study by providing him with jointed skeletons which he would use to analyze his conclusion. He was regarded as intelligent due to his work. He often called home to ask for some paintings from his sister who was an artist in order to make his room livelier. He usually seemed very delighted whenever his sister sent the paintings.[. Ibid. 1 pp 156]
After the death of his father, he inherited a huge fortune that enabled him to travel abroad for further studies. He later got married after returning from his trip in Africa and settled in London together with his wife. Galton contributed to the field of statistics by explaining and describing the occurrence of regression toward the mean. He is popularly known as the first person to introduce the science behind fingerprints and a weather map as well as the science behind statistics.[. Ibid. 2 pp 156]
In 1865, he started his study on hereditary but later he discovered that his main interest was to study variations. He came up with the fact that success was hereditary and was passed on through offspring. Before Galton died, he attempted to publish a novel which gave details about a world where Eugene's programs succeeded in establishing a recognized human race. Therefore, this paper seeks to analyze the major contributions of Sir Francis Galton in the field of forensic science.
Sir Francis Galton's Contribution to the Forensic Science Field
Forensic science is a practical science that studies the scientific doctrines that can be applied in the law. It can also be defined as the use of any science in settling legal matters in the court. The word forensic simply means to debate in a meeting or in any public forum. Forensic can be defined as the study of a particular subject that can be used to confirm a point. It is mostly applied in identification of criminals and in the courts as well.Forensic science is exceedingly useful in today's legal system as a way of recognizing criminals and differentiating them from the innocent. It can also be used in criminal or even civil courts. Sometimes, people think that forensic science has a particular area of specialization whereas it can be applied in any field. It can be put into categories like forensic anthropology, forensic pathology and forensic serology among many others.[.Sandall, R. (2012). Sir Francis Galton and the Roots of Eugenics. Society, 45(2), 170-176.]
Those people who specialize in forensic science can also be termed as criminalists while those who give testimonies about a case that is science oriented in courts are referred to as forensic scientists. However, a criminalist is one who elaborates a piece of evidence in order to reach to a conclusion pertaining to a particular case.Forensic science aids in solving crimes by analyzing evidence and facts that were found in the sce...
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