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Sciences Research Assignemnt Paper On The Dreamers (Research Paper Sample)


Please make sure the instruction is followed exactly.The paper I want is for my social conflicts and movements course, so please relate the right material. I want my paper to be about the "the Dreamers" a group that started based on laws that President Obama had passed.
Please write a paper applying the any 6 concepts that are listed below . First identity who the activists are, who the conscience constituents are, where the movement is taking place, and what the goals of the movement are. You can choose to right about any of the following 6 concepts. Use academic sources and be sure to cite with authors names, year, and page number anything you quote. Choose 6 of the Following:
Political Process Theory
Resource Mobilization Theory
Collective Identity
Media influence and role
Role of Corporations
The paper should include the following:
Introduction, Discussion of the Movement (news articles, who, what, where, why), Review of the Concepts, Conclusion, then References page with citations for course material and the 3-5 news articles you used.
Please it's 4 pages of material not including the reference page.


The dreamers
The issue of immigrants has recently caused a lot of debate in America. Dreamers are the young people in America who came into the country illegally through their parents. The young people have grown up in America, and there was a debate on whether they should be deported or not. 740,000 of whom signed up for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) which protects them temporarily from deportation. The act describes them as children who were brought into the country illegally by their parents under the age of 16 years and have been in the country continuously for five years and at the same time are below the age of 35. The act would protect people if there were any false entries made during application in its section seven. At the same time, dreamers have to attain a high school diploma or a GED which can be done online and off-campus. There is no English language requirement and no indication that they must graduate from college. The requirements state that they have to spend at least two years in a four-year college or serve a minimum of two years in the military. It also states that they can be ex-convicts and still eligible for the program (Gonzales, Terriquez and Ruszczyk 1852-1872). They will, however, have to renew their papers after every two years. The primary goal of the dreamers is to ensure that they are allowed citizenship and the privileges that citizens are allowed. Another goal is to make sure that they are granted equal opportunities, especially in education and recognized as American citizens since they have grown up knowing America as their only home. The bill, however, was just an agreement between the Obama administration and the homeland department and is not a law as it was not passed by Congress (Pope 98-114).
Collective identity
As earlier stated these people have grown up knowing America to be their home and in this sense, they have adapted to American cultures all over the country. This is one reason that qualifies them to be recognized as citizens. The Obama administration made this bill to concentrate in the criminal immigrants as these people have committed no crimes and are working towards the American dream which they have adopted. Deporting these people would not be fair since their families are in the US and they have nobody to go home to. It would also be difficult to adapt to the new cultures they get back home.
Media influence and role
The freedom of the media in the country has allowed media houses to extensively report on the issue. They shed light on what is happening with the bill. Recently an a

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