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Poverty in the United States. Poverty Eradication. Conflict Theory (Research Paper Sample)


You are required to write a research paper that will ask you to analyze a
contemporary social problem critically using sociological perspectives. It is impossible to cover the full
breadth of social problems in U.S. society in a single quarter. This assignment is an opportunity for you to
engage with an issue that you are interested in analyzing and that we may not have covered. The paper will
proceed in three stages and you will have an opportunity to refine your paper before you turn in a final paper.
Detailed requirements will be explained in separate prompts that will be posted on Canvas and discussed in


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Poverty in the United States
Poverty is a human condition of being unable to obtain or provide food, clothing, shelter, and water. It is occurring in each state at a variable rate, and it is unlikely to end soon. The United States is an economically stable country, yet millions of its citizens are living in poverty (Rothschild). The issue of poverty has remained an issue since 1930s when it was prioritized in the national agenda due to the devastation impact of the Great Depression (Block et al. 14). However, almost a century later, poverty remains one of the problems in the American society today. There are two methods used in poverty analysis; complete poverty and relative poverty. The comprehensive approach focuses on the necessities a family or someone is unable to provide. Comparative poverty analyzes the situation of the need, how a standard group compares to another. Three theoretical perspectives control the sociological aspects of poverty as a social problem. They view the same issues, but in different methods. T

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