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Is Social Media responsible for Societal Behaviours and Attitudes (Research Paper Sample)


Some feel that the wide range of social media- television, music videos, the internet and video games can offer many opportunities to learn and be entertained. However, there are those who feel that images and messages have been linked to aggressive behavior and violence, tobacco and alcohol use, poor nutrition and obesity, unhealthy body image and the risky sexual behavior and attitudes.
What do you think? Is social media responsible for societal behaviors? Should content be more regulated or would this just be a smokescreen hiding the root causes of societal problems?
Please include in text citations and a separate Works Cited page.


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Is Social Media Responsible for Societal Behaviors and Attitudes?
Social media is prevalent in today’s society, where almost everyone owns a gadget with access to music videos, video games and multiple on-line platforms for communication. In terms of connection, systems such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat offer people a platform where they can communicate and share their lives. Nevertheless, although it may be true that social media are essential forms of entertainment, communication and business opportunities, it is also true that they have a significant influence on the behaviors and attitudes of people.

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