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Issues of LGBTQ Population. Social Sciences. Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


The additional attachments are:
- The guidelines of this research paper
- Further guidelines (in the folder)
- Thesis draft I already wrote
- Couple reference literature you may need (I collected them when I wrote the thesis)
- An example paper (different subject but same course, it’s an A paper)
For Review of Literature, summarize each article in one paragraph, and then have one paragraph for reflection.
For the Research Design part, I tend to research existing data (interviews or surveys) so you don’t need to do surveys or interview people and collect / organize data. You can find existing data online and then just analyze them; it saves time. This part can be much shorter than the Review of Literature part.
These guidelines are not particular formulas, the paper can be a bit of subjective.
In order to keep updating in class, I need 6 Reviews of literature on Wednesday 3/3, Research Design on Sunday 3/8, and rest of parts (the last 3 Reviews of Literature, First Definition Section and Perspective/Conclusion) on 3/17 Tuesday the final deadline.
If you have any questions, please let me know through messages, I'll respond as soon as I see the message.
Thank you.
let me make the last part clear, the 6 Reviews of literature doesn't have to be completed by 3/3, it can be couple days later, but need to be completed by 3/8 with Research Design. And you can finish the rest parts by 3/17. Much thanks.


Issues of LGBTQ Community
Throughout history, queer sexuality has been spreading across the societies with LGBTQ community being oppressed across cultures. It is only recently that most societies acknowledged the existence of LGBTQ individuals, but still a lot needs to be done in terms of acceptance of this community. In most countries especially USA and UK, there is good progress because some sections that prohibited the discussion of LGBTQ issues had been abolished. This has been marked with a series of events and celebrations that are being carried across countries and have been termed as appropriate in acquainting with the various struggles that the LGBTQ community has faced throughout history.
There is enough evidence that supports the existence of non-heterosexual relationship in various civilizations across the world. However, the prevalence of sexuality and attitudes towards these relationships had a great variance. For example, in ancient China, it is believed that the Han Dynasty emperors had male sexual partners (Whyke). Also, homosexuality amongst men was considered a norm in the Siwa Oasis community during the early modern Egypt (Lara Aasem and Ryan). The discussion of the history of LGBTQ seems to be incomplete without mentioning the Ancient Greece which is most cited ancient society when it comes to the issue of homosexuality since pederastic relationships were common in this civilization (Bullough). Despite the existence of such relationships in ancient Greece, they did not replace the institution of marriage between a man and woman, but it was a norm for man to have a younger boy to be his sexual partner. It was believed that these relationships were considered to be passing of education to the younger boys and a form of population control. Although, these relationships were common, to say that the Greeks were sexually liberal can be wrong since a homosexual relationship between individuals of the same age was taboo. Any individual who admitted to such relationships would have been exiled or executed since the ancient Greeks believed that the duty of a human being was to reproduce and such relationships did not guarantee that.
Life for LGBTQ individuals worsened after it was considered that LGBTQ relationships do not encourage human reproduction. With the spread of Christianity across the world, LGBTQ individuals became oppressed and became worse during the Renaissance period. However, LGBTQ relationships persevered and began to resurface in western societies where straight foundations were the norm. During the 18th century, private clubs and bars started where cross-dressing and gay men could meet for sexual partners started to emerge in Great Britain and other cities (Brady). It is believed that these were the foundations of the modern gay clubs and unions. Due to these channels, Revolutionary France legalized sodomy which gave birth to the first LGBTQ movements not in France itself but Berlin, Germany. Berlin was considered a liberal city with a number of gay clubs and bars.

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