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How far behind Chinese are on fighting for LGBTQ movement (Research Paper Sample)


a research paper about How far behind Chinese are on fighting for LGBTQ movement
from a chinese international student perspective.
Final Research papers should be: 600-800 words, with 5-7 sources, a clear thesis statement in the introduction, four-six body paragraphs, a conclusion, and a separate works cited page.


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How Far behind Chinese are on Fighting for LGBTQ Movement
The LGBTQ has been gaining traction with numerous movements and parades sprouting around the world. The movements crave and demand for legal recognition, representation, and protection from discrimination, with similar legal rights as the rest of the population. In China, however, LGBQT movements have been a bit reluctant and are playing catch-up with the others, especially in the West. Societal discrimination is a prime deterrent factor that these members face with a general societal perception against the LGBTQ struggle. While LGBTQ movements are legally allowed in China, their fight is far beyond other global peers, with numerous societal factors to blame.
In China, the LGBTQ community faces numerous challenges ranging from legal to social issues. Discrimination is the primarily the most outstanding and prevalent challenge that LGBTQ members face in China. Notably, homosexuality has been legalized in China since 1997. Additionally, lesbianism and gay behaviors were declassified as mental disorders in the year 2001 (Porta 491). However, the Republic of China has not enacted any law protecting the rights of the LGBTQ community (Porta 491). That means that this minority community continues to be discriminated upon and mistreated by the others who do not identify with the LGBTQ behaviors. People of the same sex are unable to adopt children or marry in China. The families established by the couples of the same gender are not eligible for similar legal protection as those enjoyed by opposite-sex couples.
China has had a long history in regards to same-sex relationships. Homosexuality was greatly invisible during the era of Mao because same-sex couples and marriages were criminalized and illegalized. However, in the 1980s the topic concerning homosexuality in China reemerged in the public eye, and that has made the lesbian and the gay identities to expand at an increasing rate in China since then (Fox 20). Interestingly, studies have found that the public discourse in the Republic of China has not been interested in the protection of the gay and the lesbians’ rights (Holman 217). The traditional forms of the family and discrimination of the LGBTQ community remains to be a significant factor which deters homosexuals from coming to the public domain. The legal systems and the government of China have also done very little in legislating the laws and regulations which protect and encourage same-sex attraction.
Considering the rapid legalization of LGBTQ rights and same-sex marriages in many countries in the world, the debate on the issue of homosexuality has reemerged in China. The government of China approach to this matter has many times been termed as ‘fickle’ with nether disapproval nor approval or the

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