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Gender Inequality in Disney Films (Research Paper Sample)


please research a topic or question that explores some aspect of gender inequality. Since the paper is only required to be 4-5 pages, I suggest picking a specific topic, such as gender representation in contemporary Disney films, as opposed to something more broad, as in gender and film.
Please use at least three different peer reviewed, refereed sources. Wikipedia does not count. Feel free to use the internet, but be sure that your sources are legitimate - and not "fake news." Websites that include .org or .edu tend to be more reliable. If you have any questions about your sources, please let me know.
Be sure to consult the rubric for the evaluation criteria.


Gender Inequality in Disney Films
“What a man can do, a woman can do” is one of the most common phrases that is used in women empowerment. A considerable high number of experts and men, in general, have endorsed the phrase with a lot of enthusiasm. In talking everyone seems to agree that women are equal to men and should thus be given equal chance and opportunity that the male is given. In all the three aspects of life, social, economic and political there is a cry for gender balance by the feminists and other leaders. However, most of the people seem not to follow their words when they say women can do what men can. Statistics say that 60% of the population would hesitate to give women an opportunity for the fact that they are women even if they are qualified (Kaplan, 34). Women empowerment is a trend that is happening all over the world due to the less opportunity that up for grabs by the women compared to men. Demographic data of the world shows that the ratio of male to female infants in the world is roughly one. Which means that the number of females who get born in a year is equal to the number of the males that are born in a year. However, the world workers demographic statistics show on average that the ratio of male to female is 9. This means that when five males are employed, only one female is given the opportunity (Kaplan, 42). Other disturbing statistics that were released by the United Nations in 2014 shows that male doctors were 5 times preferred; judges and magistrates were 13 times preferred; and male professor’s lecturers were 16 times preferred over the female counterparts (Kaplan, 44).
The film industry is one of the places women have proven to produce great results which is sometimes even better than the number of women in the big managerial continues to raise concerns among the stakeholders. The female rights activists argue that these trends of men being preferred in the important positions in the society are hurting the community by influencing and instilling bad norms in the minds of people especially the young and upcoming. The film giant companies like Disney where the work of women is very conspicuous by the society should be on the front line in empowering the women in the society and advocate for them to be given superior positions. On the contrary, contemporary researchers that have been conducted by professional researchers like Organization Studies show that Disney was on the front line of perpetuating gender inequality vice in the early 1990s (Jones and Judith, 42). From the superior managerial positions management to the early type of animations that Disney pride themselves with, the trend is the same of women being kept off and considered inferior or less superior than men. However, in the recent past, Disney has deliberately taken action and addressed the issue of gender inequality in the management of the giant corporation and in the film con

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