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Economic Impacts of immigration's to USA. Output and Economic Growth (Research Paper Sample)


can you please try not to use book sources. it is better to use sources where the professor is allow to check without no issue. Also, when you use quote from an article can you put the name of the arcticle and use qoutation marks so it can be easier to indentify. Thank you for your time.
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"Projects are to be a minimum of six pages, typed, double space, 12-point font with one-inch margin and follow MLA. A work cited page and proper documentation of sources. No late work is accepted as all work is due by 11.59 PM."


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Economic Impacts of Immigrations to the United States of America
The United States has been for a long time regarded as the land of opportunities to the extent of formulating the notion of the American dream. This ‘dream' upholds that when one lives in this nation, they are bound to prosper and experience upward mobility. This perception combined with the fact that it is the world's largest economy has established significant attention among the global population with the country having to deal with the many immigrants lately. The number of immigrants has risen exponentially over recent years. Studies indicate that in 2013, these groups formed 13% of the U.S population. This figure represents a rise from the original 3% in 1970 (Penn Wharton University of Pennsylvania). Consequently, various stakeholders have voiced economic concerns in regards to the immigrants. The immigrants have been accused of lowering wages for the existing workers in the economy. Besides, immigrants are perceived as setbacks to the progress of the economy as they fail to assimilate to the economy effectively (Abramitzky and Boustan 1). However, some of these are myths and misconceptions meant to increase fear among the natives and thus, advocate for legislation that limits their presence in the U.S.A. However, there is no doubt that they are influential in the direction of the economy in regards to its growth, productivity, and employment and this influence could either be positively or negatively.

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