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Criminal Justice: Serial Killer Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Prompt for "Infamous Serial Killer" Research Paper:
Select only one of the following infamous serial killers who were caught the United States and write a well written Research Paper on that serial killer.
Choice #1: Richard Kuklinski. 
Choice #2: Gary Ridgway.
Choice #3: Arthur Shawcross.
Choice #4: David Berkowitz.
Choice #5: Edmund Kemper.
Once you have picked a Serial Killer for your research paper use your creativity to answer and include the important information regarding the serial killer.
1). State the Name of the serial killer.
2). State the Nickname of the serial killer? And where did the nickname come from? For example Richard Kuklinski is known as the "Iceman", Gary Ridgway is known as "The Green River Killer", Arthur Shawcross" is known as "The Genese River Killer" and David Berkowitz is known as "The Son of Sam".
3). What is the serial killer famously known for? For example, the serial killer John Wayne Gacy is known for clown paintings.
4). The Gender of the Serial Killer.
5). Race of the Serial Killer.
6). Modus Operandi of the Serial Killer?
7). What type of killer is he? For example, is he territorial, stationary, nomadic?
8). Where did the serial killer kill the victims?
9). What was the motive of the Serial Killer? For example, was it personal, sexual, sadistic, group case, etc...
10). What was the disposition of the case? 
11). How was the serial killer caught? 
12). Was the serial killer sentenced to jail? If so what was the punishment?
13). Include a small picture of the serial killer in your research paper under your main title.
14). Is there any other interesting facts and information that the public might not know about the serial killer like for example, how has the serial killer behaved in prison or did he also kill in prison too?
Research Paper Guidelines:
1). In your research paper only include minor graphic details of the serial killers killings.
2). Minimum of four sources such as credible books, credible websites, credible articles. etc... For example, you can look through the FBI Website,, and for credible information on the serial killer that you chose but make sure to cite your sources accordingly. 
3). Work's Cited Page in a separate page.
4). You must cite at least four sources on a separate bibliography page in APA Style.
5). Times New Roman Font with 1 inch margins all around.


Infamous Serial Killer: David Berkowitz
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Infamous Serial Killer: David Berkowitz
Infamous serial killers are people who are known for taking great pleasure in causing great pain to people by killing them. Such killers have different motives that motivate them to do the killings. There has been many serial killers over the years, especially in the United States who have been known to kill masses of people. This paper seeks to describe the life of one infamous serial killer who was caught in the United States, David Berkowitz. He is known to have killed six victims and injured eight one of which became blind.His life, his victims, killings, motives, capture and life in prison is the purpose of this paper.
Figure 1: David Berkowitz
David Berkowitz was born in June, 1953. His name was Richard David Falco. He was born adopted immediately after birth and renamed David Richard Berkowitz (Harmening, 2014). This was after his father said that he wanted nothing to do with him. He is described to be muscular and built. Berkowitz was a male and a white. He was well groomed and clean-shaven man as described by witnesses of his crimes. He was described as a disorganized killer. He displayed his, personality disorder at an early age. Most of his childhood life is not known.
While in the army, he abused marijuana, LSD, amphetamines and Mescaline and was diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenic (Harmening, 2014). This affected his mind slowly as is always the case with drug abusers. He is believed to have been bewildered by the death of his mother (Crime and Investigation, 2015). This made him be full of anger and rage. The only woman who loved and accepted him had died.
Nick Names
Berkowitz’s nickname was "The Son of Sam" (Harmening, 2014). He first revealed this nickname when he wrote a letter to the columnist journalist, Jimmy Breslin that arose the curiosity of the world. The letter was signed with the name Son of Sam. His neighbor was called Sam Carr. He was also known as "44-caliber killer (Harmening, 2014). This nickname resulted as a result of him using a 44-caliber revolver every time he did his shootings. David Berkowitz was infamously known for shooting attacks that mostly occurred in parked vehicles, especially in places where young lovers met.
Figure 2: Berkowitz’s letter identifying him as "Son of Sam”
Berkowitz’s Modus operand
The son of Sam’s Modus operandi was approaching cars that were parked late at night. He never stalked his victims. He took advantage tifie the potential victims being in a particular area which he visited. He targeted areas where young lovers would meet frequently. He always approached the vehicle on the passenger side because he supposed that that was the position the female target would be seated (Harmening, 2014).
His modus operandi was depicted well when he passed by, an older woman who was walking alongside her dog and did not shoot her yet she was an easier target. Instead, he went ahead and shot Stacy Moskowitz and Robert Violante, who were seated talking. His targets were young women who were seated in such parked cars. It was noted that most of his target women had long hair. He had even mistaken a man who had long hair for a girl.
Type of killer, killing grounds and motive of killing
He was territorial killer. He co...
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