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Chop Suey: Chinese in United States: Social Sciences Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Research Project (Research Project Paper Final Draft 10% and Research Project Presentation 5%):
Over the course of the semester, you will complete a historical research project. Identify a topic that interests you and formulate a question about that topic that involves change over time. Typically, historians look at events and trends that happened 25 years or more ago. You will conduct archival research into your topic and use that research to support an original argument about the topic.
Completing a final draft and sharing a recorded presentation.
Through all of these steps we will be using a peer review process so that you can assist each other in clarifying ideas, discovering sources, and articulating your discoveries.
As an example, my current research project is about a cooking column in a magazine for teenagers that was published in the 1950s. My guiding question is: “How did the author of this column construct the teen cook as an agent?” I’ll use material from the columns, cookbooks for young people from the same era and cooking columns for adults to support my argument. I don’t yet know what the argument will be because I am still in the stage of archival research.
As one of the most popular American Chinese food, Chop Suey's appearance and development are worthy of study. It reflects how the first generation of Chinese immigrants survived and developed in American society, as well as their self-awareness and feelings. Please take Chop Suey as the starting point to analyze how the Chinese established and developed in the United States through Chinese food.
1. The origin and development of Chop Suey in the United States, and how the Chinese restaurant has transformed from an exotic restaurant to a cheap restaurant with a wide audience.
2. How did the first generation of Chinese immigrants take root in the United States through the catering industry? How did they survive and develop and build Chinese communities one after another under the conditions of Chinese Exclusion Act and other Chinese exclusion policies and social isolation.
3. There are many new authentic Chinese restaurants all over North America. The difference between them and American Chinese food is obvious, please analyze.


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Chop Suey: Chinese in the United States
Chinese immigrants slowly became assimilated into the American culture over the years and are now a part of the diverse American society. However, there has been one key factor that has not only kept them closer to their roots but also connected them with non-Chinese Americans; Chinese food. Chinese food is an integral part of American society to date, and according to Chen (Chop Suey, USA, p.100), Chinese food has developed over the years across the United States (US) to accommodate the palate and food taste of many Americans. Chinese food and cuisines have become a widespread delicacy among many Americans, regardless of their cultural origins. But where did it all start? The point of origin can be traced back to the first generation of Chinese immigrants and the establishment of the Chop Suey dish in Chinese restaurants. The first generation of Chinese migrated to the US in the 1850s in pursuit of better opportunities, and most of them provided labor in gold mines and factories (US Office of the Historian). They, however, faced many challenges along the way, including racism and exclusion policies, although they prevailed. This paper will explore the origin of Chinese food in the US and how Chinese food contributed to the survival and development of Chinese immigrants in the US despite the challenges they encountered. Although the Chinese developed in American society through critical contributions to the American economy as laborers, their survival and development can be attributed to Chinese food.
Origin and Development of Chop Suey in the United States
When the first wave of Chinese immigrants hit the US, there were many opportunities for Chinese people, especially during the California Gold Rush. According to Ye (p.8), the Chinese were among the many people who migrated to California after the news that gold had been discovered in the area spread beyond the US. With them came the transplantation of Chinese food in the US. Food is an instrumental part of Chinese culture and has significant value. The Chinese immigrants used Chinese food to establish a community and an identity in a foreign country (Chen, The Rise of Chinese Food in the United States, p.5). Chinese food gave them a sense of familiarity with where they came from and their people. At the time that this first wave of Chinese immigrants settled in the US, Chinese restaurants were established to provide immigrants with affordable food that reminded them of their home and gave them an identity (Adhiaman, p.2). The cultural and historical value of Chinese food in American society can be appreciated for its role in the development of Chinese culture for over 160 years in the US.
One of the most common Chinese dishes is what is known as a Chop Suey, which is a popular delicacy in many Chinese restaurants to date. There are different versions of how the dish was established in the US. One version indicates that Chinese cooks did not have sufficient ingredients and know-how to make an authentic Chinese dish, and as such, they mixed vegetables, rice, and some meat to make a simple dish known as Chop Suey (Li...

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