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Social Justice Hero Presentation: White's Life (Research Paper Sample)


This research project will help you to demonstrate your understanding of the foundation of Catholic social teaching and help you to learn about a person, a social justice hero, who worked for justice and made a difference in the world. This project involves three components: researching the life of a person who worked for justice, creating a written and visual summary about the person, and giving a class presentation. Follow these steps in completing your project:
• Choose your social justice hero by selecting a person from the list. All students participating in this option must select a different social justice hero to research. Lottery will be held.
• Consult three sources to collect your information.
Ten profound bullet points explaining how the person worked for justice. The bullet points must answer the following questions:
- How does this person's life and commitment to justice demonstrate God's plan for human beings to be in a just and loving relationship with him and in just and loving relationships with one another?
- How does this person's cause correspond to the foundational principles for a just society as taught in the Principals of Catholic Social teaching"
- How did this person's life demonstrate that God calls us to live a life of charity and justice, balancing prayer and action in living the life of a disciple?
- How did this person's action in the world demonstrate the Circle of Social Action steps of awareness, analysis, and action can be used to address the unjust treatment of others in social structures
Finally, use a text to answer What can you do to help continue the hero's work in creating just and loving relationships?
The selected person is Ryan White


Social Justice Hero Presentation
Ryan White is known to many as “poster child” was an American teenager that went against the odds of HIV/AIDS. Born on 6th December 1971 in Kokomo, White contracted the virus of HIV/AIDS following a blood treatment with infected blood in December 1984 (Pichon, Latrice, et al, 7080). Although the doctors said he posed no medical danger to other people his efforts to return to school were futile due to fear of disease spreading to the teachers and students. His doctor had only said he will live for six months but he lived for 5 years which were full of lengthy legal and social battles which he overcame (Loue,363). For this reason, White became very popular in the United States. He used his celebrity fame to educate and enlighten the less informed Americans on matters of HIV/AIDS. In relation to the Catholic social teaching, White life confirms to the principles that are outlined in the teaching. This paper will focus on White's life and how he worked for justice.
Ryan White dedicated h

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