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Research the Muslim Poet, Rumi. Religion & Theology Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Research the Muslim Poet, Rumi. Who was he?
Why is he important?
Then look up 2 poems that he wrote. Discuss what they mean, the metaphors he uses and what they say about God/Allah, faith, spirituality, life etc...
Try to utilize your textbook to describe the Islamic themes that you notice in the poem.
For example "Submission to Allah".


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Rumi, also known as Jalal ad-Din Muhammad Balkhi, was born in September 1207 and died in December 1273. He is the most prominent jurist, poet, an Islamic scholar and theologian of the 13th century. His influence transcended ethnic divisions and national borders; Turks, Iranians, Greeks, Pashtuns, and Muslims of South Asia have always admired Rumi’s spiritual legacy as well as his poems (Stone 173). In the United States, Rumi is cited as the best-selling and most famous poet of history

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