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Ecology & Religion (Research Paper Sample)

Must be minimum 1000 words and must be done by 3 pm on feb 3rd. Must cover 2 out of the 5 themes that will be written here covered in the textbook Richard C. Foltz, Worldviews, Religion, and the Environment: A Global Anthology. Belmont, CA: Wadsworth, 2003. as well as 3 external sources all are proven academic sources (from Jstor would be most preferred.) Essay is strict reportage/research but must be researched well. Must have a proper bibliography. The themes are: First Peoples South Asia Buddhism Chinese Religious Traditions Japanese Religious Traditions Please refer to the info provided in the textbook first to get an idea of what needs to be talked about and then use the outside sources. source..
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Ecology and Religion
This paper discusses about the First Nations community in Australian the Misassini Cree. Other neighboring Cree were hunting sets like Nitchequon, Neoskweskaau and people of Nemaska joined in 1930 to structure the Mistissini populace. The community depended much on hunting, although it was seasonal. They lived around Mistassini Lake for quite some times now. They respected nature trees and rocks being amongst them, since it gave them their livelihood. They also used to perform rituals in order to bring luck to their hunting practice (Foltz & Frodeman, 284). They not only offered purification rituals, but their rituals were closely associated with their hunting practice (Coward & Maguire 56).
Although majority still thinks that Chinese people are not deeply rooted in religion, their culture was among the first to develop some intellectual incredulity for their gods. The community has therefore continued to dismiss religion terming it as superstition. However, their religion is mainly concerned with nature and society. The dynamic in the Chinese religion has been high throughout, with Buddhism remaining the most widely accepted religion in China. Until today Buddhism continues to exhibit great force in the various parts of the country. And although their influence is still unclear, their view and perception on rocks and trees still remain evident (Carmody, 73). They view them as holy and sacred just as their Buddhist counterparts across the world. It should also be noted that there is a modernist turn which has restructured the Confucian humanism in China. As a result the Daoism and the Folk religions have greatly liberated the Chinese religious values and beliefs. They have continued to instill some western values to the Chinese people which have consequently boosted their wealth accumulation and dependency.
The Cree Indians of James Bay then occupied the forests in northern Quebec for many years where they engaged in hunting and gathering practice. Conventionally, tiny sets of families lived together in the bushes during months of winter months surviving on beaver, moose, wild geese, caribou and deer. A movie crew linked with three families in 1973 during their yearly shift to the north and their movie helps us be acquainted with Jollys, Voyageurs and Blacksmiths constructing single roomed cottage with pine boughs on the floor, trapping, getting food and skins ready, hunting, and staying together in the shrub (Streng, 53).
The earliest Australians are approximated to have existed no less than 50,000 years before. At once there could be approximately 500 sets of indigenous Australians named by their languages and territory and lived as huntsmen and gatherers. The theme of trees and rocks was not common to the community, but it was very significant to the Buddhist followers. They considered them sacred and holy. Clusters were created down the matrilineal dive and two...
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