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Does Unemployment Rate Affect Mental Health? (Research Paper Sample)


There's an example of the journal, and your journal should look exactly the same.
READ a newspaper or news magazine on a daily basis.
CHOOSE any recent article (written on or after January 1, 2017) that appears to be relevant to the topics being studied in class.
FORMAT: 1) Summary: briefly summarize your chosen article; 2) Critical Analysis: critically analyze it using your own words; 3) Critical question: pose a significant question from your article.
TOPICS: Unemployment Rate.
The summary is complete and accurate and gives details.
Analysis has a clear evidence of critical thinking and original thought.
Question is provoking critical thinking.
Tips for successful Economic Journal
1) Label the sections of your journal: a. Summary; b. Critical Analysis; c. Critical Questions.
2) Summary

  1. Your summary should be limited to information you found in the article.
  2. The source and the main idea of the article should be in the first sentence.
  3. Summary should specify the main ideas presented in the article.
  4. Do not use direct quotes more than once. Use your own words.

3) Critical Analysis

  1. Analysis should be based on your summary
  2. It must be entirely your own words. It may include your agreement or disagreement with some part of the article, personal opinion or observations about the subject.

4) Critical Questions

  1. Do not be too general or obvious.
  2. It should come from your analysis.
  3. It should be specific and provoke critical thinking.

Student Name
Professor Name
Unemployment Rate
"Estimating Causal Effects with Longitudinal Data: Does Unemployment Affect Mental Health?" Reinhard Schenck discusses the possible reasons for unemployment and their effects on human health especially our brain. It has been found that employees who lose their jobs for no substantial reason are likely to develop stress, anxiety, and depression, as well as ailments like diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure in a couple of days. In contrast, people earning a living and having no financial problems stay healthy and fit months after months (Schunck 2014).
Unemployment affects our mental and physical health, develops a lack of confidence and low self-esteem. Over 20,000 youngsters in the United States lost their jobs the previous year, and their

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