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United Kingdom Economy. Country History and Market System (Research Paper Sample)


A. Executive summary (one page) : crisp, clearly written, provides purpose, overview of the problem and recommendations without extraneous detail. Title page, table of contents.
B. Describe country history and market system (1990+)
C1. Describe government's role in the economy
C2.GDP/economic growth/unemployment/inflation/international trade/currency
C3.Fiscal policy incl. deficits, debt, tac rates


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United Kingdom Economy
Executive Summary
The United Kingdom (U.K.) is among the best economies both in Europe and globally. Its categorization as a developed country speaks much about the country. It is home to several manufacturing industries such as fishing, automobile, and agriculture although the service sector has been its formidable strength for a while. Its gross domestic product (G.D.P.) over the past decade has remained above 2 trillion dollars despite the intense pressure from the 2016 Brexit referendum. Moreover, its position in the European Union (E.U.) offers immense advantages as most of the countries in this region are well developed and hence, great trading partners. Japan and United States of America (U.S.A.), which are among the greatest economies, are exceptional trading partners with whom the U.K. has established a great trading partnership. Moreover, the Far East countries such as China that are fast-developing are also setting in as very essential partners. On the other hand, the government has played its important role as a player in the free market. These include various fiscal and monetary policies. 

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