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Time Use of Youths by Immigrant and Native-Born Parents: ATUS Results (Research Paper Sample)


1. Increase proficiency with Stata. The best way to learn Stata (or any statistical software package) is through practice. The Applied Problem Sets are designed to provide you with a basic toolkit for using Stata, but becoming truly proficient requires more unstructured exploration of the software’s capabilities. The project is intended to serve that purpose. 2. Apply statistical concepts from class. The lectures and Theoretical Problem Sets have been designed to provide a deep understanding of the probabilistic foundations of Econometrics and Data Analysis. Of course, eventually you will want to apply these concepts to real-world data. The project is intended to bridge the gap between the abstract concepts we discuss in class and applications of these concepts using real data. 3. Learn about something you’re interested in. Econometrics comprises a powerful set of tools for understanding the world around us. Although we all have widely varied interests, these tools can be applied to answer many questions. The project is intended to allow you to embark on a rigorous exploration of a question that is of interest to you personally.


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Time Use of Youths by Immigrant and Native-Born Parents: ATUS Results
Immigrant youths tend to assimilate lifestyles similar to those of the host country. For example, the youth structure how they live based on the habits of their native-born peers. The American Time Use Survey (ATUS) data illustrates the process of assimilation in immigrants by examining and analyzing how youths born by native parents and youths born from diverse migrant backgrounds use their time. The data obtained from the survey helps to predict or explain successful assimilation in their adult years. As a Chinese, I have many immigrant friends. For that reason, I have found that immigrants and locals have many different lifestyles. Besides, I came across this article when searching for relevant surveys of immigrants and locals. Therefore, I will replicate this research and try to draw some conclusions. For the data, I intend to replicate Table 2 from the article. The table illustrates the typical number of minutes spent per day by native-born adolescents and migrant parents in different activities. The target age group is 15 to 17-years for both males and females. The period when the data was collected ranges between the year 2003 and 2010.
Keywords: Teenager, ATUS, immigrant, native or non-immigrant, regression, multivariate, youths, age.
The U.S population has grown due to the number of people migrating from their native countries to settle in the U.S. Primarily, immigrants are persons who leave their mother countries to settle in new countries for various reasons. These immigrants tend to assimilate the behavior of the natives in the host country. To comprehend this assimilation process, adolescents are an effective sample of the whole immigrant population since they will predict the future adult lifestyles of the immigrant society. Besides, they are subject to peer pressure and tend to assimilate the lifestyles and habits of those around them. The segmented assimilation depicts that immigrant youths face an assimilation path that is segmented on nature or reasons, which made their parents depart their home country. Some of the reasons include the initial job status of the parents, reception at the host country, and obvious cultural and economic barriers.
In most cases, immigrant adolescents tend to copy behaviors of those in the host country. For instance, immigrants adapt and change their lifestyles relative to those of their native peers. The American Time Use Survey (ATUS) data numerically indicates the time use of native-born and immigrant adolescents on a daily basis. The data collected from this survey will be essential in drawing conclusions on the assimilation theory. Studies suggest that second-generation immigrants perform better in education and get higher-waged jobs than the first parent generation. Notably, this forms a pattern called the ‘second generation advantage’. Accordingly, the families of immigrants’ value education, thus performing better in schools than U.S born families.
Teenagers spend most of their time on personal care, educational activities, paid work, free-time activities, and unpaid work. Conversely, migrant teenagers are likely to secure high-paying jobs, thus making them spend less time in school and extra co-curricular activities to support their low-economic level families. Usually, immigrant parents have higher gender expectations than native ones. In this paper, the focus is on gender, age, and the adolescents’ region of residence. The area dispersal of migrant and nonimmigrant (native) families is quite different. The area of residence is captured with a four-c

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