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Effect of China’s Growth in Other Countries in Asia and the United States (Research Paper Sample)


So this is a group project, my part is the impact of China’s growth in other asian countries and US. You may divide those as separte part, such as to Japan/korea/Thailand/US or some other countries. I may need at least 3 acadamic sources.
Since this is a group project, so I don't need the introduction part and conclusion part. You just need to analysis the topic I provide. Other team members will do the Background/ History/Economic Strengths/ Challenges/ Problems Facing China/ Next Steps for China in terms of currency/Conclusion. So we don't need to worry about thoes topics and don't need to write thoes things in this analysis. I just need the impact analysis, no intro or conclusion please! Thank you.
In the paper, write as if your readers were policy makers and from which decisions will be made. Present a professionally attractive paper. Write skillfully and correctly. Grading criteria for case study include correct use of theory and evidence, logical order and consistency, usefulness to policy makers, and quality of writing.


Effect of China’s Growth in Other Countries in Asia and the United States
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Effect of China’s Growth in Other Countries in Asia and the United States
By 2005, Korea had accomplished its target trade volume of more than $100 billion with China, an objective they had set in 2003 during the swearing in of President Roh Moo-hyun (Korea Economic Institute, 2007). Subsequently, Korea had established the People’s Republic of China as its prime recipient outflow of investment. Besides, China became the destination for the greatest number of Korean students taking studies overseas. The elite regarded China as quite important in that they sent their children to study there. Instead, Kangnam, Korean Beverly Hills, resorted to employing ethnic Koreans who had returned from China as their house workers.
In regards to the Korean economy and China, some consider the latter as an extension of the robust Asian economies. However, there is concern that China could provide stiff competition for Korean companies and consequently, undermining Korea’s exporting industries and thus, its growth. 

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