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Cannabis retail in Canada. Models of Cannabis Retail Systems. Methodology. Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


There are two basic fundamental principles behind the assignment. The first is to be
able to conduct research in Public Policy. The task of finding information will familiarize you with the various sources of information that are available. The key to a successful research project is to be able to formulate a "Research Question". The Research Question is what you are attempting to prove or disprove. Modern research should be falsifiable. This means that you should be able to disprove certain theories or statements. It is often difficult to be able to actually prove a hypothesis. Generally you state that you can not prove that it is wrong. (Review hypothesis testing from intro econometrics ).
The second principle is your ability to understand the relevant theory that pertains to
your research. The text book should be your first starting point. From there you should
move to supplemental sources such as academic journals, government publications, newspapers etc. The greater your understanding of the relevant issues the more effective your research will be.
You will have a choice of two types of essay
A research topic as outlined in the above paragraph.
The other type of essay you could produce is a “narrative” essay where you outline the relevant research others have done.
If you have any questions about the assignment or the goals of the assignment please
talk to your instructor as soon as possible.
The finished paper should include the following:
The purpose of the paper (research question)
The relevant theories
Your research methodology
Your research conclusions and analysis
Appendix with data and any statistical work
The paper words are not counting data and
bibliography. Grammar, punctuation and writing style will
count towards 20% of the final paper grade!! ! !! !


Student’s name
Professor’s name
Cannabis Retail in Canada
After years of debate and multiple legislative efforts, Canada joined the few nations to legalize the recreational use of Cannabis (commonly known as marijuana) earlier this year through the Royal Assent of the Cannabis Act (Bill-45) (Government of Canada). This law permits the legal production, distribution, and sale of cannabis for recreational purpose while maintaining the legal status for the use of the drug for medicinal purposes; medical marijuana has been legal in Canada since 2001.
Consequently, the nation of Canada is under the radar not only as the first G7 country to legalize recreational cannabis nationwide but also as the second of only two countries in the world to pass such a law. The catalytic factors of this significant transition are the ineffectiveness of the existing cannabis control system in the country coupled with the growing permissive attitudes towards recreational marijuana (Government of Canada). However, this decision is not without challenges with the government put to task to design and implement an operational cannabis retail system to oversee the regulation of distribution, sale, and consumption of what was a prohibited drug in the country for almost a century. 

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