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Individual Company Analysis: Sony. Management Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Please read the essay requirement and read the Sony Sustainability report to analysis the sustainability of Sony Company.

Individual Company Analysis Requirement:
The primary question driving this assignment is to assess the degree to which your company is making (or preparing to make) “the big pivot,” and in the process, what evidence exists that the efforts of your firm is influencing broader actions across industries and civil society.  Toward this goal, this semester-long assignment will be completed in two (2) separate phases, the first of which is to be submitted through this assignment page.
In this phase, you will be individually responsible for conducting and communicating findings from research on a single “leading” company within a specified industrial sector. Based on our workshop, you should attempt to address the following aspects of your firm's sustainability reporting:
Does the report provide details on CSR/Sustainability practices as well as policies?Do they report systematic data or just anecdotes?Does it report in a comparable format over time?Do they report future goals and past performance against these goals?Are the goals consistently reported (have any been abandoned)?Do they report bad news as well as good news?Do they identify and report on "material" aspects?Do they integrate CSR/Sustainability reporting with traditional/financial reporting?Have you found other information (news, reports, etc.) not reported on by your company?Report Guidelines: 5-pages, single-spaced text, double-space between headed sections; tables and figures are to be in addition to these guidelines, and are unlimited.


Professor’s name:
Individual Company Analysis: Sony
Business organization endeavors to achieve sustainable growth and development of their entities through the adoption of the concept of sustainability in carrying out a wide range of daily business operations. Achieving the said objective calls for the development and implementation of effective management strategies across the diverse sectors or departments of the business organization. An effective business management strategy accounts for the smooth running of an organization’s daily operations by advocating for the adoption of a standardized approach towards discharging the duties and responsibilities of the organization towards its stakeholders. The concept of corporate social responsibility provides an excellent framework for the standardization of business operations for sustainable growth and development of business organizations. Corporate social responsibility advocates for the accountability of business organizations to all its stakeholders such as the employees, shareholders, environment, public, government, consumers, as well as suppliers. 

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