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World mythology. The role of fate in Greek mythology (Research Paper Sample)


Select a mythological theme discussed in the book or a region of interest and complete a research paper based on that theme. You will need a clearly stated argumentative thesis statement and a minimum of four supporting points that you discuss in detail throughout the paper. You will need to use quotes to back up your argument about the theme of the myth that you are discussing. The quotes you use in this paper should be both quotes from the myth itself and from the academic sources that you find through the library databases.
You will need a minimum of three academic sources for this paper; academic sources are articles in journals, and books. Websites may be referenced as you research your paper but will not be accepted as sources for your paper (this includes Wikipedia!). The myth should be included in your works cited page but does not count as on of the three resources.
This paper needs to be a minimum of 1400 words and must have a clearly stated, argumentative thesis statement, introduction, supporting paragraphs, and a conclusion. As you begin to think about writing this paper, think about how you could possibly relate a theme to a location, a character, a name, or other details from the myth. It is those details that will give your paper its body and supporting points.
Possible themes to explore:
• the difference between how men or women are addressed in myths
• the impact myths have on current culture
• heroism - how and why is this important?
• the role of fate or love in mythology
Assignment details:
1400 words which DOES NOT include the works cited page.
Three academic sources that ARE NOT websites (online library sources are OK).
A clear, argumentative thesis statement that is supported by a MINIMUM of four supporting ideas.
MLA format for in-text citations and works cited page.
(For help please see: http://owl(dot)english(dot)purdue(dot)edu/owl/resource/557/01/ )


Professor’s Name:
The role of fate in Greek mythology
In most Greek myths, fate is a common theme. One or more characters in the myth often have bad fates, and the plot weaves around the fate such that it always came to pass. For example, Oedipus myth detailed how his father wanted to kill him to avoid his fate. Oedipus fate was destined to kill his father and marry his mother, and despite how he and his family tried to avoid it, it came to pass. In the case of Zeus, he would have been eaten by his father, Cronus, to avoid overthrowing him and become the most powerful god but in a fateful turn of events, the inevitable happened. There are many other examples of Greek myths which feature a fate theme, and they seem to assert a few lessons. These lessons meant to serve a purpose for the society. It is on the basis of the above statement that this article is written to help demystify the role of fate in mythology as reminding mankind that he is not in charge, nothing that happens is as a result of his doing, and that some things are meant to be and to happen as they do.

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