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Why Do People Seek Revenge: Pain And Anger (Research Paper Sample)


'' The Cask of Amontillado'' or '' Lamb to the Slaughter'' by Roald Dahl . You must mention at least one of the works that were covered in class in any of the research paper topics you choose. You may not use Wikipedia. You may extend one of the essays you write for the research paper.You may write a paper using critics reviews of the works. You may write a research paper comparing the work with the movie. The essay as i wrote above must be on topic '' Why do people seek revenge''. You can also use cites from the essays.


Professor's Name:
Why do People Seek Revenge
Revenge could be catastrophic to both the person seeking to commit it and the offender whose actions inflicted and elicited the emotions of pain, anger, or humiliation to the former. It is due to this reason that the existing authorities in the form of governments, religious groups, and cultural traditions provide guidelines on why and when a person should seek revenge or not. The government's purposes itself in averting the effects of seeking or committing an act of vengeance to uphold its position as the protector of individual rights by delivering justice to any wrongs committed. Religious and cultural stipulations also offer a wide range of stipulations as to when one should seek or desist from revenge through the application of moral dynamics that appeal to the spirituality, faith and or belief to a person's religion and their culture. Nevertheless, the guidance given by the guardians of morality within the society lacks in addressing the issues of collectivism, as they often tend to be lenient to particular members of the society and unfair to others. Women, for instance, are often underrepresented by these guidelines and thus giving rise to fatal acts of vengeance from the afflicted parties in the form of violence or other acts of targeted reprisals to restore one's pride. In seeking to find out the underlying reasons provoke the human need for revenge, Roald Dahl's Lamb to the Slaughter provides a roadmap into an individual's emotional transition from the point of submission to the existing status quo to the point of defiance characterized by a fatal act of revenge. Lamb to the Slaughter provides a platform upon which the concept of revenge and reasons as to why people seek vengeance can be objectively analyzed.
Inequality or unfair treatment for others often breeds discord, discontent, and intolerance among members or people living in a given social setting. The social, political, and cultural realms of life carry with them some code of conduct which is perceivably guided on the principle of collectiveness under the premise of respect for individual rights and freedoms. Infringement of any kind to these fundamental aspects of human life are a source of conflict which always come as a way of seeking retribution or simply to right the wrongs done to an individual or a particular set of people. Whether someone has been wronged or is entirely dependent on the social constructs guiding people's interaction in the society. In an ideal situation and where the society's safeguards for tolerance among its members are followed, models for retribution form part of the concepts guiding its integration (Gale, 2016). In essence, a civilized social system is designed to accommodate for a level-based interaction and integration of people while also serving as the moderator or the balancing act for any wrongdoing committed towards a person or a group of individuals. However, the society lacks in its systems a mechanism to prevent emotional provocations or even measure the extent of their damage to an individual whose emotions come under intentional attack from others. The emotional being of a person can be a dangerous tool if they lack the ability to control their reactions or rationality in the event of emotional turmoil resulting from the abuse of their emotional intellect. It is for this reason that authorities around the world, religious groups, and cultural traditions try to give guidelines to their diverse constituents on how to conduct themselves or rather respond to emotions such as anger, humiliation, pain, or injury inflicted on them by other members of the community. The act of evening scores from such afflictions from other people is what is commonly referred to revenge...

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