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Waste Disposal Management: Trash-Producing (Research Paper Sample)


This should be based off of my previous community essay, i will upload that later
for the rest of the assignment, please see attached photos.


English 3/ Mrs. Pasko
Research Notes
Topic: Waste Disposal Management
What is the current state of waste disposal and management in America?
How does poor waste disposal affect the environment?
What are the effects of poor waste disposal on people?
What can be done to mitigate hazardous waste disposal?
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Wastes-Non-Hazardous Waste.
My thoughts
America generated trash of over 254 million tons in 2013 and recycled about 87 million only equivalents to 34.3% recycling rate.
This is an indication that waste disposal is still a problem in America. The recycling rate is low, implying a huge percentage of garbage being mishandled.
Scaling of waste management rate is necessary.
The source gives figures and data about the state of America's wastes.
University of Indiana. Solid Waste & Landfill Facts.
The U.S. is the number one trash-producing country in the world at 1,609 pounds per

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