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Violence And Rape Literature & Language Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


The research paper can only use the articles that i have attached and no other outside resource. I have also attached and mind mapping guide and the instructions from the professor and how he wants everything set up. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me. Thank you


Final Research Essay Assignment Due: 8/16 by 11:59 P.M. in “Final Research Essay” Dropbox in D2L Word Length Requirement: 500 Words Format Requirements: MLA, Size 12 Times New Roman, Double-Spaced, Introduction and Conclusion with Body Paragraphs in-between, .docx format, 1- inch Margins, 1 TAB space indention for every new paragraph, Left Alignment, Title at the top (Center alignment), Numbered Pages, and have the following at the very top left corner of your essay: Your Name My Name Course Subject and Number Due Date Written in Long-Form Example: Jimmy Biscuits Professor Cervantes English 1301 August 16, 2020 Title IMPORTANT NOTE: This will be your Final Exam, and because of that, there will be a few additional components designed to help you write the best research paper that you can. Each of these additional components will be graded, and everything must be turned in on time. There will be no exceptions made for the final essay itself. It is due on the due date, no later! The reason for this is simple. I want to watch your progression from original idea to full-fledged essay, and if I see you’re not on the right track, I want to give you plenty of time to correct before it gets out of hand and you lose focus on your project. Because there is so much time between when this is assigned and when it’s due, it’s really easy to fall into a trap of procrastination, so please make sure you’re keeping up with the components of this essay. Assignment(s): You will compose a full-fledged, 500-word essay in which you use sources to define, summarize, investigate, and draw conclusions about a topic of your choosing. Outside of writing a complete and coherent essay with an introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion, the major objective of this project is to engage with outside sources by incorporating them seamlessly into your essay and responding to them. For this essay, you’ll need to adequately and accurately incorporate three sources (either academic journals or books). For this essay, DO NOT use any of the following sources: Reviews, Periodicals, Miscellaneous Websites, or Videos. Failure to meet this requirement will result in a much lower grade. You want to make sure you follow this requirement closely and to the best of your ability. Here is the component/assignment breakdown for this final essay: Topic Choice and Reasoning—For this component, you’ll inform me of the topic you’re choosing to write about and compose a single, full paragraph telling me why you’re interested in this topic, what you already know about this topic, and what you’re hoping to learn. Brainstorming/Mind-Mapping/Development—For this component, you’ll do whatever you feel most comfortable with in order to develop ideas for your essay. Three Sources Summarized—For this component, you’ll narrow down your sources to the three you’ll use in your essay. You’ll summarize each of the three sources in a handful of sentences. Outline—For this component, you’ll write a full outline for your essay, including a thesis statement. Final Essay—Turned in to “Final Research Essay” Dropbox in D2L on August 16 th by 11:59 PM. A few words on topics: Remember to pick a topic you’re very interested in and are motivated to read about. You’ll be doing a lot of reading for this assignment, so make sure it’s a topic you really want to write about. You’ll also want to make sure it’s a topic that is complex enough to give you enough material to work with in terms of research. You should approach your topic with questions that you want answers to. If it’s a topic that doesn’t fill you with curiosity, then it’s most likely not a great topic. The goal of this essay is to inform readers about your topic, engage with other writers via sources, and then draw a conclusion or make a declarative statement about your topic. It’s also important to keep in mind that you may want to change your essay topic after doing some research. That’s totally fine. Just make sure you communicate this with me. Grading: Each of the additional components of this assignment will count as separate, smaller grades. The final essay will be graded stricter than the essays you’ve written in the past. Grammar will be looked at closely. MLA formatting, citation, and the presence of a Works Cited Page will be looked at closely. I will also be checking for how well you organize your essay and how well you integrate your sources.


Topic Outline
Topic: Doing Away with Violence and Rape
The explanation of rape has been differing in society (Porter, 600). The topic of rape and sexual violence has caused unrest in society over time as it is an illegal crime.
* Introduction:
The term rape comes from forcing a person to have sexual intercourse without their permission. Rape affects the person by leaving them with painful experiences or hurting their emotions for a long time.

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