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Target Corporation Advertising Strategies Are Efficient And Unique (Research Paper Sample)


Based on the research you have done from the Annotated Bibliography and Research Proposal (I will upload the research proposal and annotated bibliography as a file attachment), write an argumentative paper, which offers a position on a controversial aspect of the topic. The research over the course of the unit will provide the context, supporting evidence for your position, and explanation of the opposing view.
Classical Argument Outline
Please have the following elements:
I. Introduction
1. Attention Grabber
2. Explanation of the issue (Background of Brand)
3. Argumentative Thesis
II. Presentation of Writer's Position
1. Main body of the essay in which the writer presents evidence and support of the thesis
2. This should include the information you gathered in creating your threads
3. This should be bulk of your argumentative paper
III. Summary of Opposing Views (a.k.a. Counter-Arguments)
1. Summarize all of the opposing arguments against your thesis
2. It is important for you to highlight the opposing views because it shows that you have done the research and are aware of what others are saying. Remember, you are the expert of your brand. *You may need to do additional research to find at least 1 source that go against some part of your argument,
IV. Writer's Response to Opposing Views (a.k.a. Refutations)
1. Show specific weaknesses of opposing views
2. Directly attack only the opposing views you mention in the counter-arguments. Don't focus on other issues
V. Conclusion
1. Brings essay to a close without simply restating your thesis
2. This is your final opportunity to persuade your reader to agree with you
3. Answer the so what? Why is your argument important?
4. End with a zinger
1. 10 Full Pages (including Works Cited)
2. 8-10 Sources
a. at least 3 primary sources
b. at least 4 secondary sources
c. at least 3 secondary sources must be scholarly
*I will need the first 2 pages done by tomorrow at 11 a.m., the 2 pages being the introductory section and no less than the 1st body section completed (2-3 paragraphs, with source support), but the remainder of the paper can be done by the due date. Also for tomorrow, I will be needing a full and comprehensive outline: The outline should include a) a working thesis, b) 3-4 subclaims or minor pts you plan to discuss in the body section of the paper- each section should include bullet pts for what you plan to discuss in each section, as well as relevant sources listed, c) at least 1 ideal piece of source support for each piece, and finally d) an overview of your conclusion and a possible "so what?" angle to discuss Sorry about the rush and thanks in advance.


1 Introduction
Thesis statement- Target Corporation advertising strategies are efficient because they are
* Unique
* Cost efficient
* Suits target market characteristics
2 Writers position
* Unique
* Cost efficient
* Suits the target market characteristics
3 Summary of opposing views
The target corporation strategies are not efficient because they
* Target no specific market
* Are not used strategically
4 Writers response to opposing views
5 Conclusion
6 References
Argumentative Essay
Target Corporation is the second biggest general retailer in the US with over 1800 stores. George Dayton founded the corporation, and it is headquartered in Minneapolis. The corporation is significantly known for its edgy products, unique store designs, and philanthropy nature. Additionally, the corporation is known for its excellent customer services and continued innovations. The corporation has partnered with different merchandisers such as Michael Graves and Todd Oldham so that it can benefit from synergy. The corporation aims at ensuring that it wins the loyalty of the American population so that it can fulfill its primary purpose of enhancing sales and profitability.
The corporation has dramatically transformed from a dormant department store enterprise to one of the US most aggressive retail brands. To that end, the corporation is able to thrive and coexist profitably with Walmart, which is the leading general merchandise store in the US. The corporation is performing spectacularly well, and its revenues have perpetually increased over the past years. The success of the corporation can mainly be attributed to the clever and the eye-catching advertising strategies it employs to create product awareness among potential customers. The strategies have been quite effective in convincing potential customers that their products are worth their attention. Moreover, the strategies have positioned the corporation as a high style brand, and they have significantly aided in attracting new customers and retaining the new ones (Barwise and Meehan). Some of the strategies employed by the corporation include the social media marketing strategy where they advertise their products on the social media platforms. The corporation also uses other advertising strategies such as sponsorship advertising and social content strategy.
The utilization of effective strategies is very effective because the profitability of an organization greatly depends on them. The choice of marketing strategies is what makes the difference between successful enterprises and those that fail (Barwise and Meehan). Consequently, companies should ensure that they have the right team that will be involved in the selection of advertising strategies so that its performance is not put on the line. Coming up with lucrative advertising strategies is quite a herculean task hence companies should actively participate in the process and also invest a lot of time, patience, and finances to make the process a success. Many advertising strategies can readily aid in creating product awareness. Nonetheless, companies should ensure that they use advertising strategies that will not only create product awareness but also create it to a large number of individuals. Various factors should be put into consideration when selecting the strategies so that they can be made effective in the ever-changing marketplace.
Target Corporation utterly understands that having the right strategies requires effort and it should be assumed an easy task. For that reason...

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