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Eating Disorders: Struggling Against Eating Disorders (Research Paper Sample)


The topic I choose is Eating disorders.


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Eating disorders
Struggling against eating disorders is like fighting an uphill battle against an individual biological process. The disorders have biological and psychological causes of an individual. However, nearly all eating disorders are treatable even though have a biological and psychological connection with human being. Apparently, the nutritionists are advocating for strict adherence and compliance to the healthy diet and meal plan. Still, teenage girls are extremely preoccupied with food and their body weight. Being perfectionists with low self-esteem has been associated with a high prevalence rate of eating disorders among teenage girls. Girls have a feeling of being fat, seeing themselves as overweight, despite life-threatening semi-starvation period. The intense fear of gaining weight and being fat may become all-pervasive. Surprisingly, patients with eating disorders often deny that they have a problem.
Adopting healthy nutritional behaviors is key to living a healthy and productive life. Severe overrating or consumption of little food to obtain the desired body weight and shape contribute to eating disorders. Eating disorders are serious mental illness largely characterized by eating, exercise and body weight or shape becoming an unhealthy preoccupation with someone's life. The condition is neither a lifestyle choice, a diet gone wrong nor a cry for attention. Early intervention of these disorders enhances successful recovery. However, it is unfortunate that people suffering from disorders do not realize they have the problem. Besides, some patients may go the extra length to hide signs of their behavior rather than seeking nutritional counseling on the management of the condition. This is funny because they reveal condition at an advanced stage when the damage is irreversible. This essay will explore various stages of eating disorders, predisposing factors, and the psychological intervention to aid recovery from eating disorders.
According to the nutrition survey reports, over one million Australians have an eating disorder. This figure is anticipated to rise if interventions are not und

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