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Applying Feminist/Gender Theory Lens to Kate Chopin's “Story of an Hour” and “A Respectable Woman” (Research Paper Sample)


The main concept of this paper is to apply the Feminist/Gender Theory Lens to two short stories by Kate Chopin. You will need to read the short stories.
Theme of the paper: In [“Story of an Hour” and “A Respectable Woman”], applying the critical lens of "Feminist/Gender Theory Lens" reveals the theme of how women were controlled by men and their desire to freedom and the seeking for independence. (Specific information in proposal)
As in "The story of an hour", the wife of the family was too happy to hear from her husbands death. Showing that women had living in the cage under the pressure from men. Men hold their wife from freedom. And this story describes how much that women what to escape from the control of men in 1890s.
In " A respectable women" the character choose to betray her husband shows the symbol of women seeking for freedom.
This paper have three parts. At last you will need to combine three parts as one paper. I will attach the specific instructions. Also I will attach my proposal and for each part I will provide sources.
Part I sets the scene and foundation for the argument of your paper. In 500 words, you should provide a summary of the most important information and facts relating to Kate Chopin's biography and The historical context (the time period in which the story is set and the time period in which the author was writing).
Part 2 is a brief overview of the three literary articles on thesis. 500 words. The point of the assignment is to introduce the scholarly conversation around your story. You want to discuss what critics have traditionally said about your story using relevant quotations from your literary criticism. For each of your sources of literary criticism, you need to come to terms fully with the author’s argument and then consider how each argument might interact with the arguments of the other sources.
Part 3. 1200 words. you should now take the thesis you have been working with and set out to examine and fully develop it using evidence from your primary and secondary sources. This part of the paper is where you are writing your own analysis of the story, using the research you found to support and enhance your argument when relevant.
Please write this paper as average high school level.


Student’s Name
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Applying the Gender/Feminist Theory to Kate Chopin’s “The Story of an Hour” and “A Respectable Woman”
Part 1
Kate Chopin, also called Catherine O’Flaherty, was born in St. Louis, Missouri in 1850. At the age of five years, Thomas O’Flaherty, Chopin’s father died in a railroad accident. Thomas was a successful Irish businessperson. For this reason, Kate grew in a family dominated by females, including her mother, Eliza Faris, grandmother, women slaves owned by her mother, and Victoire Charleville, her great-grandmother. The young girl learned many things from her great-grandmother, who spent time teaching her French and playing the piano. She was also told stories pertaining to how her great-great-grandmother divorced her husband and operated businesses on her own. As such, Chopin learned that a strong woman is the one who can live independently without getting married and operate businesses or pursue her passion in life. Chopin’s childhood and her experiences as a mother and wife shaped her career in fictional writing. That is the reason why “Her characters survived unhappy marriages and spoke to each other uncivilly when angry, but they also cherished their children and loved with abandon” (Larrabee 57). After the death of Chopin’s father, Faris was left to manage a large estate, and she never remarried since widows were highly respected, had freedom, and Kate’s mother was financially stable. After graduating from St. Louis Academy of Sacred Heart, Chopin was married to Oscar Chopin in 1870 in Louisiana. The couple migrated to New Orleans, and Oscar worked as a commission agent and a cotton seller and buyer. Unlike many married women, Kate enjoyed her marriage. From 1871-1879, Oscar and Kate were blessed with six children. However, Oscar died in 1882 after developing malaria.

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