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What is Social Stereotype of Men and Women? (Research Paper Sample)


My thesis must very clear, and I need to use "Academic Search Premier (EBSCO)" to find two references. I need to have work cited. I need five paragraphs, and it including one introduction and three bodies and one conclusion. You have to follow the file that I give you. The file's name is ESL 117A Paper 3 Assignment-2. Also, follow the step from the file. The name is ESL 117 A Essay 3 Pre-Writing Workshop Part 1 and ESL 117A Essay3 Prewriting Steps 2-5 for Essay 3-2.


Social Role Effects on Gender Stereotype
There are various countries which are making great efforts to make sure that they do away with gender stereotypes that are shown in the media through advertisement. However, some of the media stations still display advertisements that show gender stereotypes. One of the main reasons that contributes to this norm is lack of implementation of policies that fight gender stereotypes in the media. We need to do away with gender stereotypes at the different levels beginning with the ones that exist in the media since they lead to limited opportunities of growth.
The way in which we behave or think is the final product of a socialization process. Since the time that we are born, we are molded by the society to be social human beings. There are dynamic stereotypes that characterize the various social groups that are as a result of the changes from the attributes that manifested themselves in the past and also continue to keep on changing in the future. The social role theory states that the role behavior of the group members will shape their stereotype. As such, the various groups can be perceived to be having different stereotypes that change over a given period. We can, therefore, deduce two meanings from the social role theory CITATION Bur16 \l 1033 (Burkley, Andrade and Burkley). The first meaning is that the change or erosion of the sex differences between men and women is due to an increase in the similarity of the roles that are performed by the men and women. Secondly, the female stereotype is dynamic due to greater changes that have occurred in the roles of men and women.
Social Role Effects on Gender Stereotyping
There are various kinds of gender stereotypes that exist in the media. The media plays a big role in the society and there are a number of people who rely on the media for news, entertainment and many other things. However, most of the advertisements that are found in the media appear to display some kinds of gender stereotypes. One of the common adverts that I came across was the advert that was done by German carmaker Audi that appeared to compare the women to second hand cars. In the advert, there is a wedding that is taking place on the mainland and then as the wedding goes on, it is interrupted by the mother of the groom. The mother goes to the bride and then checks her teeth and then examines her behind the ears. The mother then walks off and gives the betrothed couple an OK sig

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