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Sexual Assault On Campus: Possible Solutions (Research Paper Sample)


A recommendation essay points to a specific problem, a set of circumstances that create a problem, or a set of consequences that flow from that problem and then proposes a process, policy, or procedure for solving that problem.  Whether you’re advocating that a certain action should (or should not) be taken or that a situation or policy should be changed, you’ll need to 1) identify the exigence; 2) imagine an audience who is also (or who should be) invested in this issue; 3) determine your purpose; 4) create a solution; and 5) consider the implications of your proposal in terms of the rhetorical situation.

Look around you- at your living quarters, your campus, your town, and the world at large.  What specific issue concerns you as a student, male or female, citizen, community member, and so on.  Why does that problem exist?  How might it be solved?  What are the negative consequences?  Could a specific policy, issue, situation, or problem be changed?

After you’ve identified a problem (one that can be solved in four pages) and its exigence and imagined an interested audience, you’ll need to discuss the negative consequences this problem has (and on whom).  Then, you’ll explain the causes of this problem, considering why this problem occurs.  You’ll also recommend a feasible solution to this problem that will lead to improved consequences.

The following guidelines will help you plan and draft your essay:

  1. Identify and describe a problem
  2. Present the negative effects that this problem has on a particular community
  3. Make an argument for what you believe is the cause of the problem
  4. Recommend a solution to the problem based on cause and consequence
  5. Demonstrate how the solution is feasible for your audience

Plan to spend at least half the essay focusing on the solution and its implementation. This essay will use the Rogerian argument structure. Please see your textbook and the worksheet in this week’s folder for help.


Sexual Assault on Campus
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Sexual Assault on Campus

In America today, sexual assault on campus is a major issue. Compared to women within the general population or women in a similar age group, women in college are at a higher risk for sexual assault such as rape (Armstrong, Hamilton and Sweeney 483). This paper focuses on the problem of sexual assault on campus and the possible solutions. The audience for this essay comprises students at the university, the university administrators, and the government. What these audience members can do to help solve the problem is discussed.

Sexual assault on college campuses in the United States is a significant problem, but many cases go unreported. The sexual assault is mainly linked to the consumption of alcohol (Beaver 258). Roughly 50% of all college students engage in binge drinking. Alcohol consumption is a significant aspect of the college social environment (Beaver 259). It is of note that 50% to 66% of all sexual assault incidents that take place in school involve the consumption of alcohol on the part of the perpetrator, the victim, or both. The strong connection between sexual assault and alcohol consumption shows that most campus sexual assaults are party rapes (Armstrong, Hamilton and Sweeney 483).

The perpetrators are mainly the male students, which might be an indication of a rape culture on campus. Therefore, besides alcohol consumption, a rape culture, which includes rape supportive beliefs, also contributes to the problem. According to this viewpoint, sexual assault is a consequence of the prevalent belief in rape myths, or ideas with regard to the nature of sexuality, women, men, and the consent which create an environment that is favorable to sexual assault (Armstrong, Hamilton and Sweeney 483). For instance, there is the belief that women ask for it.

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