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Sanctuary Cities and Federal Funding (Research Paper Sample)


Write a typed, double-spaced 5-8 page essay (do not submit handwritten essays). Please do not choose a subject you have already written about in class or for a previous essay. In addition, please do not write about abortion, capital punishment, euthanasia, animal testing, legalizing marijuana, or revoking the driver’s licenses of the elderly—I have already read plenty of papers on those subjects!

Think of something you do not like that is happening in your neighborhood, the city of Tucson, the state of Arizona, the U.S., or the world. Current political issues would make good topics. The subject should be something that you disagree with but believe can be changed, removed, abolished, enforced, reinstated, revised, or reconsidered. Write a paper to convince your reader to do something about the problem. Clearly explain the problem to your readers, show how it affects them, and tell your readers what they can do to help solve it. You may use one of the following examples or choose your own topic: the rising cost of college tuition, current political topics, immigration (legal or illegal or refugees), lack of good public transportation, or GMO food labeling laws. Make sure that the topic is manageable (neither too broad nor too narrow for a 5-8 page paper) and that you can find at least four sources related to your topic.

Criteria for Evaluation: Successful papers will
* Fully address the prompt
* Address a particular person or group as your intended audience
* Seek to convince readers to do something to help solve the problem you are addressing
* Have a clear thesis supported by examples
* Have a logical and organized flow
* Be relatively free from spelling and grammar errors
* Include outside research from at least four sources and correctly cite your sources in the body of the essay
* Include a works cited page with at least four correctly cited sources


Institutional Affiliation
Sanctuary Cities and Federal Funding
On July 1, 2015, a woman aged 31 was shot dead by Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez, an illegal immigrant, in San Francisco (Ho n.p). Kate Steinle, the man's victim was having an evening walk with her father when a bullet hit her from the back penetrating through her heart. Lopez-Sanchez is a Mexican citizen who has been deported several times and convicted of multiple serious crimes (Philip n.p). In March the same year, the man was released from custody to face fresh drug charges but were dropped leading to his release on April 15 (Philip n.p). The incident of Steinle's shooting caused a new wave of concern regarding immigration policies and the municipal jurisdictions commonly referred to as “sanctuary cities” in parts of Europe and North America. Sanctuary cities such as San Francisco have policies limiting cooperation with the national government to impose immigration laws on illegal immigrants. Proponents of sanctuary cities aim to protect individuals illegally in the country from deportation and family disintegration. While studies investigating the link between crime and sanctuary policies have found no correlation between such policies and increased crime rates (Collingwood, Gonzalez-O'Brien and El-Khatib n.p), President Donald Trump has maintained a hard stand against illegal immigrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border, terming them as rapists and murderers (Ross n.p). This paper presents a case that funding sanctuary cities should be abolished because they provide a safe haven for criminals, defy federal policies binding local and state governments and prevent both local and state police officers from executing their mandates.
While the definition of sanctuary cities varies across states, sanctuary policies in general do set limits on the extent to which the local law enforcement authorities can conform to the state immigration laws. In 1989, San Francisco passed a decree to proscribe funds or city employees from cooperating with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in enforcing state immigration laws unless it was a requirement by the federal or state law. There was also a law passed to limit when police officers can offer ICE notice that undocumented immigrants have been released from jail and prevent the officers from cooperating with ICE detainers (Schallhorn, n.p). Berkeley, a city near San Francisco is the oldest sanctuary city that in 1971 passed a resolution to guard any sailor resisting the Vietnam War. Five other states, namely; California, Connecticut, Oregon, Rhode Island and Vermont have already laws limiting how much the local law enforcement officers can assist the federal immigration officers. In 2018, Jerry Brown, the California governor signed the law that prevents the police from asking individuals regarding their immigration status or taking part in federal immigration enforcement activities (Schallhorn np). In January 2017, President Trump signed an executive order promising to strip all federal grants from the states that harboured undocumented immigrants (Schallhorn n.p). However, in November 2017, a federal judge blocked the executive order claiming that the Trump administration lacked the power to introduce new conditions to block spending that have passed the Congress approval (Schallhorn, n.p). As the debate over the abolishment of sanctuary city policies continues in the modern day, the fact remains that such policies defy the federal laws, creating a safe haven for deplorable criminals since they know they are protected from deportation.
Although immigration activities are the responsibilities within the realm of the federal government, sanctuary cities have been allowed to defy the law through ...

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