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Community Dynamics and the Rise of Street Gangs in the Latino Community (Research Paper Sample)

Please make sure the 3 sources are scholarly sources (book, database, article, etc) and not internet based. This project is for a Latino Studies class. Please read the following paragraph followed by the question as it is one of my research analysis questions I came up with. Youth street groups that began rather innocuously as loose assemblages of wayward children had solidified and evolved within twenty years into formal gangs with a more destructive, violent bent to their routines and rhythms. Why did these transformations occur in such a short period of time? Please come up with other research analysis questions that you can talk about referring to the topic of the paper, do research and explain in detail. Please proofread the research paper and come up with other good things that refer to the topic "Community Dynamics and the Rise of Street Gangs in the Latino Community" source..
Community Dynamics and the Rise of Street Gangs in the Latino Community
The forces that shape the type of youth behaviors which have been seen to cause urban street gangs have led researchers in different paths to unravel the question mostly in the context of adaptation of immigrants to the city. There have been developments which examine the urban gangs from physiological and social groups (D. Vigil). Street gangs in the 70s was popularly associated with the white enclaves and typically fists and sticks and knives were used but in recent years the street gangs is largely composed of ethnic groups especially the African American and Latinos using short guns at vehicles of aggression acts in cities. Gang are commonly made up of adolescents and youths who have grown up together as children specifically as cohorts in low income neighborhoods of the city where 10% of youth join street gangs (J. D. Vigil). The distinction between the periods of 1970 and after is labeled as industrial and post industrial where the post industrial period has witnessed more violence because of such factors as the adaption of economic functions by some urban gangs, regulation of illegal business through use of violence firearms proliferation and the effect of mainstream cultural values of money and success of youth groups with limited opportunities (Ruble & Turner). This research is aimed at establishing why transformations occur within a short period of time and the social economic factors that contribute to formation of street gangs in the Latino community.
The roots of street gangs in the Latino community can be traced from the patterns of settlements of immigrants who had to follow the ill prepared city for their integration. The Latin community was forced to isolation in the physically substandard neighborhoods resulted to a series of repercussions such as the social distancing that made Latin community to have a feeling of inferiority and marginal (D. Vigil). Children from immigrant families had to start off socially and psychologically marginalized as the convectional socialization was not available to them (D. Vigil). The ecological and social economic factors were prominent in the segregation and isolation of Latin families and thus, the rate and direction of acculturation were undermined by these conditions. The emergence of street youth population due to the strains and pressure was because of mal-adaptation evolving into a gang subculture. The changes are attributed to the large scale of immigration of Latin community and the emergence of second generation of Latin American youths ensued. The youth street gangs started as innocuously as loose assemblages of wayward children solidified evolving within a span of short period into formal gangs who are destructive, violent bent to their routine and rhythms. The development of early street gangs is a reminiscent of later decades regarding the shanty towns which immi...
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