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Responsibility and Experience of Animal Shelters (Research Paper Sample)


A research paper about a person or a living life being responsible to live on this earth, combine with experiences working with animal shelter volunteers, and summarize what I have learned from this experiences and how we can improve in our future.


Responsibility and Experience of Animal Shelters
Being Responsible
In my experience, being responsible means learning to become punctual and better time managers to accomplish our objectives. This has helped in minimizing the instances I become overwhelmed and the manner that I react to various situations. Being overwhelmed and underprepared is not healthy for any individual; therefore, I have discovered that when a person prioritizes on urgent tasks, they become more self-confident (Salazar 20-27). Each step throughout my learning has provided me with the necessary tools for continually being accountable and productive. My self-esteem has increased, and my interactions with friends and other people have improved. Being responsible pays enormous dividends apart from gaining a positive reputation, as it allows every person to become respectful not only of others but themselves.
Through being accountable, especially in the workplace, I have learnt that I am in control of my actions. Therefore, these instances of being accountable an responsible are opportunities for not only inspiring and helping others but also on a personal level (Salazar11-14). A person can choose to become responsible rather than destroying their lives by being irresponsible. Ultimately, success is measured not just by our actions, but also the decorum of the person throughout the process (Bowen 3-4). To become a real leader is vital as this not only inspires other individuals, but also enables people to realize the potential to become accountable and inspirational
By taking responsibility and taking action when necessary, it can often be avoided. I have discovered that timely responses and action can lead to time and cost savings. Since that program, I have focused on taking more responsibility for my actions which has led to healthier relationships with my friends, colleagues and family. This has led to an increase of positive social interactions.
From my volunteer program and also interactions with other classmates and instructors, I have become more honest and also becoming more self-confident. This prevents the instances of making choices with a much colossal consequence from occurring. By being responsible, I have gained other people’s trust which will be a continuous process achieved through doing the right thing, being considerate and also be content with whatever consequences that cannot be avoided, fixed or altered (Salazar11-14).
Animal shelter experience
Through my experiences at the animal shelter, it has made me acknowledge the importance of these institutions. I have learnt a lot about the requirements needed when working and taking care of animals. Initially, it was profoundly challenging due to the numerous drills concerning animal hygiene, exercises and feeding times, however, these training drills were helpful especially when feeding, cleaning or exercising the animal.
I discovered that most of the work done in such institutions needs a lot of recognition for taking care of such animals. In a community without shelters, the numerous animals cared for annually may not have been rescued rapidly (CCSPCA 3-5). Also, due to animal shelters, public healt

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