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Research paper Civil Disobedience (Research Paper Sample)

After carefully reading the excerpt from “Civil Disobedience,” think about a present law or a present situation where you feel it's warranted to exercise civil disobedience. Perhaps you feel that one shouldn't have to be 21 to purchase alcohol in the United States (in France and many other countries it's much lower). Perhaps you think the legal driving age should be lower or higher than 16, you may think that 60mph is too low on the Broken Arrow Expressway, whatever it may be; this is your chance to voice/write about it. Or, you may write about why you think it's never appropriate to exercise civil disobedience. Your first paragraph should provide some background information about the present law/present situation and clearly state your thesis. Your second through fourth paragraphs should expand upon your thesis statement, going into more detail about why you think it's right (or not) to exercise civil disobedience regarding the topic/issue you selected and your conclusion should provide final thoughts about your topic/issue and may reveal what you feel would happen once the law/issue is amended or removed and what would happen if more people voiced their opinions or wrote about it. You will need to find at least three academic/peer-reviewed sources to include in this paper. They may support or refute your analysis. You will have a minimum of four entries on your Works Cited page, because you must cite your anthology as it's your primary text. Your paper must be at least three double-space typed pages, but no more than five pages. You must have a proper MLA heading, page numbers, title, and thesis statement. This paper must be uploaded through the Content section in SafeAssignment by Friday, June 3, by midnight. Also i live in TULSA,OK if that helps with you choosing the law. source..
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1 June 2011
TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc294742465 \h 2The War on Terror PAGEREF _Toc294742466 \h 2Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc294742467 \h 4Works Cited PAGEREF _Toc294742468 \h 6
Civil disobedience seems to be the order of the day this year. From the riots in Tunisia that spread like wildfire to Egypt, Libya and Jordan CITATION Joh082 \l 1033 (Bradley), the entire structure of Monarchy and autocratic rule seems to have been shaken to its core. While many philosophers have written about the topic and many such as Madden and Hare CITATION Par10 \l 1033 (Parker) have justified it in some scenario, this paper seeks to understand the cases in which civil disobedience can yield positive results.
From our point of view, being US residents, the US system of laws and regulations is contrite and is self-balancing as it includes a system of checks and balances that generally do not allow for the public to be wronged as has been the case in countries where democracy is in its initial phases and there is rampant corruption. Furthermore, the American system is unlike that of autocracies, where power was consolidated in the hands of one ruler.
In our case, civil disobedience is needed in matters of foreign affairs. While there have been many protests against the war on terror, nothing concrete has been done in order to voice people`s opinions against the issue, and this paper seeks to recommend just this.
The War on Terror
The War on Terror has been based on the premise of Enlightenment, which is an ethnocentric ideology, stating that one race is superior to all, and that this particular race has been given the authority to guide other people towards the right way. After the attacks on America, the country`s leadership entered a realm of Paranoia, attacking whichever country that it deemed fit, often by ignoring public outrage at such actions. Now after nearly a decade of those attacks, the terrorist in the world is considered to be our country. From a position where it was considered to be an admired nation, the leaders of America have created much ill-will for the country among its developed and as well as underdeveloped counter-parts.
The attacks were followed in a few months by the attack on Afghanistan, which yielded nothing but bloodshed, and a deteriorating world economy and society, increasing the number of refugees and creating social and other problems in countries in the neighboring regions.
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