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Raising and Showing Livestock Teach Responsibility (Research Paper Sample)


The research paper will be approximately 6-12 pages long (minimum six pages, not
including the Works Cited Page) and will contain a sufficiently narrow thesis statement defended by your
original thoughts. Your ideas will be supported by evidence from other sources. This evidence will come
from at least six different sources (including a mixture of: Quotes from peer reviewed journals, quotes from
Internet research, quotes from books, and quotes from other sources. The source of your evidence must be attributed in proper MLA style, using signal phrases to set up quotes and citations after the quotes.
Evidence found it the library (through true collegiate level research techniques) will be valued much higher than evidence that can be found with a five second Google search. Students who use quotes from peer reviewed, scholarly journals will have a much higher chance of earning an “A” than students who do not use peer reviewed journals. Please note that Internet sources are becoming less and less reliable as time goes on: Beware of “fake news” and other phony internet sites. Sources vetted by the library are MUCH better.
Be careful to avoid a “cut and paste” research paper where the quotes overwhelm your own “writer's voice.” A good research paper is usually about 75 to 80 percent your own voice (in your own words), with just the perfect quotes selected to support your own argument.. It is especially
important that you think in terms of an original ARGUMENTATIVE thesis you will support with EVIDENCE while 
developing the research project. Do NOT just report on other people's ideas. Use the evidence gathered through
research to back up your thesis statement, and use your thesis statement to guide your research. The instructor
will work with you on developing ideas and outlining proposals. A topic proposal, working thesis, skeleton outline
of sub-arguments, and rough draft (sometimes in stages) will be due before the final paper. The instructor MUST
approve the proposed thesis. Missing any of the deadlines for outlines, drafts, etc. may result in a lowered grade
on the research paper. "Miracle Research Papers" suddenly showing up the last week of the semester with no
guidance from the teacher will be NOT be accepted.
Plan ahead and make a calendar: Your research paper will be


Raising and Showing Livestock Teach Responsibility
As is apparent, everyone wants their children and even siblings to have the ability to make rational decisions whenever they are faced with tough choices. The ability to make choices is not simply associated with taking care of one's self. Rather, it is the ability to make a decision that affects other people and beings. Growing up as a child, this is the best stage in life where the element of responsibility can be instilled as part of the personality and discipline processes. There are quite a number of ways, to help children develop the sense of responsibility in their lives and one of the main ones is through showing and raising livestock (Fisher, Tyrone L.). There is a sense of compassion that is associated with taking care of an animal. This is considering the element of care in this case is not associated with the expectation for feedback or any form of payback. It is simply a selfless act of taking care of the animals, where the child does not expect the animal to say thank you or simply return the favor ("Giving Kids Responsibility Through Livestock – Sure Champ"). There is also the element of organization and subtle decision making processes associated with taking care of an animal. The child will have to have taken care of themselves before they are able to take care of the animal. Showing the animals, is part of generating compassion for animals in the child, which can then be followed up with raising one.
Thesis statement: Raising and showing livestock to children helps them to develop the sense of responsibility, they carry into their adulthood.
Every other parent wants to bring up a child who will have the sense of discipline that is required to make it in life. They will not be simply dependent for the rest of their lives but they will have the ability to maneuver through life obstacles making the right decisions and having the discipline to see through their choices (RFD-TV). When the child is given livestock chores they learn to commit to them even when there are no praises and presents associated with taking care of the animals. In some of the cases, all that matters is the sense of satisfaction which comes with the pride of taking care of an animal and the efforts involved ' (Rusk, Clinton P. et al.). There is a sense of satisfaction associated with making effort towards a certain project, even when the payoff is delayed for months or years on end. The shear element of accomplishment in this case, comes from knowing that one put in great resources such as time and money. This in itself is a high level of discipline, where a child is able to take care of an animal with the commitment it requires.
Self-Esteem and Confidence
When the child is involved in chores around the home where they are taking care of livestock, they develop a sense of self-esteem. This is relative to the fact that, from their efforts they are able to believe in themselves (Fisher, Tyrone L.). Taking care of livestock is a not an easy task and requires the child to constantly make plans and execute them in the right and timely manner. It is aspects such as these, which then bring out the self-esteem in the child knowing they are able to take care of another being with little or assistance. Where they need assistance they are able to ask. This is a skill that not many children have, as they are used to being assisted (Bardot, Laura). As such, the child grows up with little to no confidence in their abilities. In a child that has been taking care of livestock there is a sense of ability, as they have tested their skills and have proven to themselves they are capable.
‘Fifty-one percent (76 of ...

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