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Radio shack company history (Research Paper Sample)

My part of and company I have chosen is" Radio Shack" The electronics store source..

Radio Shack Corporation was mainly known as Tandy Corporation since its founding in the early 1960 till the year 2000. The corporation is believed to be the largest consumer electronic retailers in the United States. The country had around 7,100 Radio Shack stores which are located throughout the country and this helped in forming the company core operation. The stores are known to feature two chief categories where there are categories of goods and services, electronic parts as well as accessories and the others ranged form telephone and telecommunication accessories, video equipment and most of the electronic products.
What made the company to progress is that it had partnerships with a number of prominent consumers` electronics and other computer companies like Compaq Computer Corporation, where the computer brand were sold at Radio Shack. Radio Shack had cooperated with different companies and even the Thomson Multimedia where they offered the digital audio/video products and services. Radio Shack company as well, corporate with Microsoft in the area of internet access as well as the Radio Shack com e-commerce site (Macht, 2002). The company was also known for its capability to operate eight manufacturing plants in China and in the United States which produces electronic products, and most of the products were sold in the companies` stores. The company picked most since they still offered them with services to their consumers (Tandy, 2001.)
When it comes to the early history, Charles Tandy is believed to be the founder who was talented in marketing where he took a leather store that was opened by their family in 1919 where he expanded it to hobby market where after opening subsidiary locations, the sales increased well in 1960.During this time, scouts and campers all over the world made moccasins and coin purses from Tandy leather craft and hobby kits, and from there Tandy corporation was established and began its trading in the New York Stock Exchange which makes it more prominent ( Lerner 1987)
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