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Racism in the sports World: Diversity in Entertainment (Research Paper Sample)


Assignment: Using the following prompt and sources provided, craft a thesis-driven essay that can be supported and sustained:
PROMPT: Research and discuss the topic of “diversity in entertainment” as it pertains
to a specific aspect of the entertainment industry. For this assignment, you may consider issues of racism, sexism, ageism, cultural appropriation, xenophobia, Homophobia/LGBTQ Issues, Anti-Semitism, classism, etc. Some suggestions:  FILM / TELEVISION  MUSIC  SPORTS  FASHION  THE ARTS  ADVERTISING Purpose: A research paper investigates a claim about a particular topic or issue, and then attempts to explain or support that claim using logic, facts, figures, and scholarly endeavors. A research paper is the most common type of writing you’ll do in college,
and shows up in nearly all disciplines. The research paper is meant to get you thinking critically about a topic or issue, but also developing your own conclusion or “claim” based on the analysis and research that you do. You are often asked in the world beyond these four years of school to make a claim and then support it. Most professional fields will not be okay with simply making a statement and then justifying with a “Because I said so”. The research paper helps to qualify findings and gives you the chance to make a thoughtful, engaging claim, and then show that you are right by backing up what you have to say. What Can Be Used: Students will work with the BRCC Library to research their specific “Diversity in Entertainment” sub-topic. All sources must be approved by the professor. The essay must cite at least four (4) professor-approved sources.
Audience: The primary audience will be your peers in this class and myself. Unlike previous papers, this endeavor is academic in nature.
Length: Your final draft should be at least 3 FULL pages long, but no more than 6
FULL pages. Evaluation: This paper will be graded using the ENGL 101 Pilot Program Rubric, looking specifically at structure; introduction and conclusion paragraphs; body paragraphs (and use of your sources); grammar and mechanics; and formatting, which does include proper MLA citation. This assignment is considered one of the major components of the class. If you do not complete it, you cannot pass. Please refer to the syllabus for required grades necessary for passing the class. Minimum Requirements: -A typed 3-6 page final draft -An essay of no fewer than five paragraphs NOTE: the essay must meet the minimum page requirement, regardless of the number of paragraphs. -A minimum of FOUR (4) sources of academic merit cited in your paper and included on your works cited page (as mentioned above) --MLA essay format: 12-point font, Times New Roman, 1-inch margins, double
spaced, title, header, and page numbers
-MLA citation format – both in-text and works cited page - for any source used in support of your analysis and argument --Demonstration of the thinking needed to analyze written work thoughtfully and intelligently -At least ONE (1) appointment at the writing center or documented attendance at a Writing Center Workshop. PLEASE NOTE: You may visit the writing center at any point in the writing process and for any remaining essay. For example, you
may visit the writing center with a draft of an outline.
Due Dates: 
Five categories; 20% each, for 100 total points; Students must earn a score of 14 or better in each category in order to pass

Racism in the Sports World
Racism in the Sports World
Racism has always been viewed as one of the biggest scars in humanity. The world over, societies have been struggling with racism for decades. Racism simply put, is the belief that the race affects characteristics and abilities of individuals and that some race is superior to others. Over the centuries, racism has nurtured inequality, discrimination and influenced how human beings interact. In worst cases, atrocities have been committed around the world to those believed to be an inferior race, case in point the Holocaust.
While gains have been made since the Universal Declaration of Human Right in 1948 in Paris, the scourge of racism is still an issue and presents both at a micro and macro level in every aspect of human being interaction. One of the areas where racism still plays on a bigger platform is the world of sports. From European football, national basketball association, athletics, national football league, to indoor games. Racial abuse is still prevalent in these set ups.
This paper argues the prevalence of racial discrimination in the world of sports today. The paper will analyze major sporting bodies and highlight the incidents of racism while also examining the effects of racial abuse to on individual performance. The paper will finalize with a proposal to stakeholders to handle the problem from the management angle and not only the playing unit integration.
The sports world is presented as an idyllic and model of how the society should be. In most televised games, sportspersons are seen to be relating harmoniously without barriers that are experienced in normal societies. To many, "typical problems" do not exist in sports. It is, therefore, the least place to expect racism. But a thorough examination reveals that sports world thrives in racial segregation.
Racist incidents in sports
One of the biggest debate ahead of rugby world cup in 2015 was the race barrier faced by black players in the South African rugby team known as "the Springboks." It is claimed that coach Meyers intentionally picked underperforming white players at the expense of their black counterparts (Wendell, 2015, par.4), further entrenching the divisions and barriers on the team which was associated with Afrikaners during the apartheid. The South African Rugby has endured over twenty years of struggle to have an equal representation of black and white players. Even though such a milestone was nearly achieved in 1995, the gains ha...
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