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Prevalence And Types Of School Bullying (Research Paper Sample)



The research paper is an important part of this course’s curriculum.  By completing this assignment, you will learn valuable skills that can be applied to other classes, to college, and your career field.  Skill areas that this assignment focuses on include: finding and evaluating sources of information, reading for information, note taking, organizing information, outlining, word processing skills, and public speaking.

Please note the due dates for each part of the research paper.  There will be class time to work on some of these assignments.  However, you will find it necessary to work hard outside of class and visit the library at least once. 


· You must at least 5-7 different scholarly sources for your paper. Extra credit for a print book (2pts) and documented trip to library (5pts)


Password: researchers 

Consider finding informative books, encyclopedias, and/or magazine/newspaper articles in the library. Your sources should come from academic peer-reviewed journals. I will show you in class how to access the online databases.

· Your paper must be a minimum of 4 pages typed and double spaced

· The paper must be completely in MLA format including the works cited page and the in-text citations.

· In order to avoid plagiarism, you must properly cite your sources both in the essay itself and the works cited page.


School Bullying
School Bullying is a social and moral dilemma that exhibits short term and long term repercussions on physical as well as mental health of the victim. The issue of bullying prevails over all the institutions, but it is more prevalent in the School systems of US (Frazier, and Ehiorobo). It is not unreported that the victims of bullying take extreme measures to stop the excruciating pain caused by it. These measures, in most of the cases, being suicide. Recently, a fifteen-year-old immigrant took her life to overcome the excessive tormenting by her bullies (Frazier, and Ehiorobo). Considering the long term and short term implications of bullying, it is comprehensible why it has become a topic public and political importance. School bullying is a grave issue, one that should be dealt with consistency by adopting a holistic framework
Prevalence of Bullying
According to studies bullying is considered as a subgroup of the relational anger and violence, categorized to intentional, repetitive, and abuse of power. The main difference between bullying and other types of aggression is the abuse of authority. These characteristics are approved by the US disease Center, APA (American Psychological Association) and National Association of School Psychologists. Nonetheless, in assessing bullying, these elements are not focused, making it harder to distinguish between bullying and other aggression issues (Hymel, and Swearer). The reported prevalence ratio of bullying differs significantly in studies. It is indicated that almost 10% to 33% of the students are a victim of peers whereas 5% to 13% of students admitted to being a bully. This vast difference is reflective of dissimilar assessment approach by the difference in gender, circumstances, and principles. Usually, a large number of boys reported being a bully in comparison to girls. Alternatively, most of the girls reported being peer victims. Although bullying is present since preschool, it is the highest in the middle school, whereas it diminishes by the end of high school (Hymel, and Swearer).
Types of Bullying
There are many types of bullying; physical bullying involves utilizing physical force to harm others; verbal bullying involves taunts and threats; social bullying includes degradation and slander, and cyberbullying involves harassments through electronic media. The most common and prevalent form is social and verbal bullying, and unfortunately, are mostly overlooked. Undoubtedly, the gravest form of bullying is cyberbullying and physical bullying that needs to be dealt with immediately (Hymel, and Swearer). Recently, in 2015, a Chinese high school student was beaten, burned with cigarettes and stripped naked. Although the legal charges are pressed against the offenders, it would under no circumstances be equivalent to the suffering endured by the girl. The gravity of the torture is marked as “the reminiscent of Lord of Flies” by the California Judge (PELISEK). One cannot assert what bullied children live through. The trauma becomes a part of their being and eats them. The pain, the struggle never ends for them and haunts them for their entire life.
Aftermath of Bullying
The grave consequences of bullying cannot be overlooked. A trauma faced by a child can significantly impede his developmental growth. As children are entirely dependent on their caregivers, not biologically grown up and their concepts of the circumstances stand not completely developed, their reactions to the incidents are quite innovative and require supporting involvement. The traumatic stress endured by a child, be it through bullying or any other incident, negatively impacts the developing process as well as th...

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