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The Power Of Appearance: Human's Feelings (Research Paper Sample)


The first paragraph should include the introduction, and the second paragraph should introduce the background or give the definition.


Student's Name
Thesis: The Power of Appearance implies appearance having power and power having appearance in which these two do not merely attribute to but also cultivate human's feelings, thoughts, perceptions, beliefs and the presence of the significance of these two undeniably seeks to be learned as these play a crucial role in the everyday life of a person.
* Introduction
* Brief topic introduction
* Thesis
* Look Good. Feel. Good. Do Good.
* States the background of over-all appearance
* Discusses how appearance influences emotions and thoughts
* Elaborates on how success is relevant to polished appearance
* Situational Power of Posture
* Focuses on posture as a specific element of appearance
* Specifies situations elaborating how much a person believes in his thoughts is affected by his posture
* Selects situations applicable to the student
* Subliminal Importance of Facial Appearance
* States how judging a person's character is translated mostly by facial appearance
* Clarifies the meaning of appearance as contrary to beauty
* Explains how much appearance matter generally
* Explains how much appearance matter, specifically through its favorite showground which is politics
* Conclusion
* The Power of Appearance connotes and articulates how “Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder.
What is your worth? Does anyone or perhaps everyone around you treat you based on how you look? Do they look at you based on how you treat them? It's kind of tricky, isn't it? But, indeed, it's actually not. If five women wear different clothing, style, demeanor and enter a room they haven't gone into before will they be treated differently from each other? Definitely. How you look, how you present yourself attributes to how others perceive you. The greater the appearance, the more power it gives off producing impacts. But, even power itself has a face. The more power there is, the greater the appearance will be.
The Power of Appearance implies appearance having power and power having an appearance. Appearance and power do not merely attribute to but also cultivate our feelings, our thoughts, our perceptions, our beliefs. More than defining the appearance and its influence, vice-versa, the presence of the significance of these two is undeniable that their co-existence seeks to be learned and understood as it plays a crucial role in the everyday life of a person.
So, how does appearance takes in the form of power and vice-versa? Is it even like that? Or, does the power of appearance say it all? Furthermore, what does it say about human worth? For real.
“Look Good. Feel Good. Do Good.”
Whatever the happening may be, wherever it may be, or whoever we interact with, we all want to look presentable, a.k.a. look good. If not all of us, most of us, whether we admit it or not. However, the present world is fast-paced enough that it is arguable whether the effort is taken into consideration genuinely, seriously, comparatively, or so-so (Berry, 2008; Patherkar, 2016).
We must strive to be at our best every day, should we be at our worst, it must be the best worst, in a way that we look forward to making the most of it. That best include best-looking days. Yes, though, we sometimes have days when we struggle to look good because effort, attention, and time were not put into. Consequently, we wear out our self-esteem and confidence and lose concentration in doing our work constantly worrying about how we look ending up the day, not in ...

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