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Positive Attitude Changes Our Lives. Literature & Language Paper (Research Paper Sample)


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Positive Attitude Changes Our Lives
Our outlook on life makes all the difference when it comes to dealing with all the difficulties present in life. Life can be hard on people, especially as they grow older and their responsibilities increase, but choosing a positive attitude can help. According to Petty and Brinol, an attitude is “the general evaluation people have regarding people (including oneself), places, objects, and issues” (1). Based on this definition, it is clear that different people evaluate people and their surroundings differently. This is why different people react to a similar situation using different approaches. While other factors such as past experiences and levels of exposure might affect their reactions, their general attitude to life plays a fundamental role. Thus, in this essay, I will argue that having a positive attitude is essential for personal well-being and development, evaluate some of the steps towards developing a positive attitude and explore the common problems we might encounter and how to deal with them through a positive attitude.
Importance Positive Attitude
Life is an experience and challenges and opportunities are part of that experience. But how do we go about life without feeling overwhelmed? There is a common saying that “some people feel the rain, others just get wet.” This saying implies that while the same thing can happen to people, (which in this case is rain), they will always experience it differently. Some will experience the situation strongly, others will experience it lightly. This difference lies in the kind of attitude a person holds. In this section, I will discuss the importance of a positive attitude, especially on personal well-being and growth. A positive attitude influences a number of things in life, including how friendships are formed, and the degree of sharing our feelings and views with others. For a person to be able to share their feeling with others, they first have to be able to view themselves in a certain way. The ability to share our burdens and challenges is fundamental, especially for a young adult, as it enables them to lead a healthy mental life. As revealed by Vogel and Wester (2003), a positive attitude is essential when it comes to seeking counseling services. This is because, with a positive attitude, one is able to embrace self-disclosure without the fear of being judged or exposed. However, as indicated by Vogel and Wester, only a third of people in need of counseling services actually benefit from these services (355). As a result, quite a high number of people, especially young adults, are suffering, mentally and emotionally, because they have a negative attitude, more so towards seeking help.

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