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WRT102 Phones have serious negative effect on college students (Research Paper Sample)


Explains the quotes, work cited page, please check my former documents

Research Paper Proposal Assignment:  Explain the following:  ● What is the topic you are focusing on? ● So far, what have you read about your topic and from where?  What do you know?  Here, you are explaining to me your understanding of a conversation surrounding your topic.   ● What is the problem inherent in the topic? Do you anticipate that there will be a solution to this problem?  ● Is this a national issue or a global or human issue? ● Who are the players? Who is affected by this issue and is it positive or negative? What are the larger implications for the future?  ● Why should anyone care about this topic? ● Why are you interested in it? ● What will you argue or propose? If you propose a solution, how or why do you think it will work?  ***It is possible once you’ve completed further research that a better solution to your problem reveals itself. Or, you may change your position — from negative to positive or positive to negative — on your topic.  That’s okay. That’s part of the process. It is better to change your approach, than to try to argue something you can’t fully support.  Annotated Bibliography Assignment (link below):   Once you are able to articulate your focus, (the problem, the players, the issues) conduct your research for your ​Annotated Bibliography Assignment.​ ​If you cannot find information, chat with me or with a reference librarian either online or at the library.  You may not change your topic without speaking to me first.  You must access a ​minimum of 6 sources​. At least ​two​ of them must be from peer-reviewed journals, and at least ​one​ should be a book. Try to have at least one primary source. Take advantage of the experts you have right here on campus. Interviews are an excellent source.   Once you have completed your Annotated Bibliography Assignment, take notes of important quotes from your research.  Make sure you have the citation for each quote. You must use the sources from your Annotated Bibliography Assignment and any others you find after that.    o Your paper must be no shorter than 6 pages. (Remember, your portfolio must be at least 3,000 words, not including your Works Cited).  o The paper must answer “So what? Why should I care?”  Review Chapter. 8, pg. 116 in ​Thoughtful Writing ​ for revision checklist items.  o Remember that you need to provide and address counterarguments in order to strengthen your argument. In other words, you must present the opposition’s point of view. Sometimes, the other side can be obstacles such as costs, loss of jobs, or ease of implementation .   o First drafts of essays are ​due 10/29​.   o Your research paper should follow MLA style.   Visit the ​Purdue OWL website for particulars on citation. ​Note: ​ that if you want to look for specific formats such as electronic sources like web pages, or books, or periodicals, there are tabs on the left hand side of the screen to take you to those pages.   o You must use, at a minimum, six sources, however, the more sources you have, the easier it is to write your essay and the stronger your argument.   o What’s the difference between the Works Cited and Annotated Bibliography? The annotated bibliography is a list of the books you consult, regardless of whether your use the in your paper. Your Works Cited is all sources cited in your argument.

Note on Citation: In a researched argument​ you ​ must ​ cite all facts, numbers, ideas and theories ​ from your sources, even if you are not using them in direct quotes.   


Negative Effects of Phones on College Students
Smartphone technology has dominated a significant number of college students. The powerful functionality of phones has impacted the behaviors of most students negatively, such that it's inevitable for the population to stay for an extended period without checking their phones. Although technology aids in higher education studies, the negative impacts outweigh the benefits gained by students from the use of mobile phones. For instance, some students use text messages to communicate with their fellow students during lecture times, and this issue leads to poor concentration. The problem affects the normal functioning of the student's minds as they always focus on their devices at the expense of everything else, including their studies. Smartphone technology has impacted college students negatively, rising attention for society to look for appropriate solutions towards the issue.

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