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Obesity Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


Informative and evaluative report investigating a myth about America that has a past, present, and future—in other words, the topic has some historical background, a present day status/connection, and future relevance/impact/implications/significance.ur writing will reflect aspects of informative reporting, synthesis, analysis, inference, interpretation, reflection, and speculation—all show critical thinking. Topics usually will have a social science/humanities thrust; a trend that has a affected society in some way works well. This paper is not a controversial issue paper, though your topic may entail some controversy as you discover more about it. Perhaps take one of your career goals or interests and find a unique way of looking at it and thinking about it. What are some other myths in America? Wealth, health, food, entertainment, sports, the west, or industry…how can you delve into the past about specific issue involving the myth you select that established the topic? How has it evolved and how do we look at the topic presently? What significance in the future will changes in topic continue to have? 
Only use these sources please if you need more quotes go right ahead “Your Hidden Food Allergies Are Making You Fat” by Rudy Rivera, M.D., and Roger Deutsch 
“We are going to see a continuing increase in obesity over the next 25 years.”(pg 24)
“The number of americans with diabetes has jumped nearly 50% since 1983 and tripled since the late 1950’s (pg 48)
“At current rates, every single person in the United States will be obese by the year 2230” (48)
“One hundred years ago doctors could do little more than set broken bones, lance boils, and soothe symptoms; they could seldom cure disease.” (49)
“obesity has recently been cited as the second biggest health concern of our age .Indeed , this is so small health problem; Obesity alone accounts for the overwhelming increase in diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.” (50)
“We found that you can change people’s health dramatically when you remove their intolerant foods from their diets.” (51)
“A Parent’s Guide to Childhood Obesity A Road Map to Health” by Sandra G. Hassink, MD, FAAP Editor in Chief
“Because pbesity runs in families, you need to determine just how prevalent it has been in your own family over generations.” (8) 
“As for dietary fats, the new U.S Department of Agriculture guidelines recommend that gyoung children should have a fat intake compromising 30% to 35% of their total calories, while older children and adolescents should hjave between 25% and 35% of their calories come from fats.” (26)
“Sadly In the next 18 mins when I do our chat 4 americans that are alive will be dead for the food that they eat.”
“Fast food is taking over the world.” 
“I wish for everyone to help create a strong, sustainable movement to educate everychild adult food inspire families to cok again and empower people everywhere to find obesity.” 
"Why We Get Fat And What To Do About It" by Gary Taubes
"Health experts think that the first law is relevant to why we get fat because they say to themselves and then to us, as the The New York Times did, Those who consume more calories than they expend in energy will gain weight" (74)
"If we turn this evolutionary argument on its head, we come to the experience of isolated populations that go from eating their traditional diets to incorporating the kinds of foods that we eat daily in modern westernized societies." (168)
The Movie Super Size Me directed and produced by Morgan Spurlock, and Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead Directed by Joe Cross and Kert Engfehr. 


The issue of obesity has become a big concern globally. Obesity refers to higher body weight and the health experts links it with malfunctions in health-related quality of life. Obesity is a clinical problem which has been described as chronic in nature. The condition has multi-factorial causes ranging from; physiological causes, psychological causes, metabolic causes, behavioral and environmental (social and cultural) causes and complex genetic causes as well as consequences. Obesity poses health challenge in developed and developing countries at a high and alarming rate. Health experts have argued that global obesity has resulted from behavioral as well as environmental changes which stem from urbanization, modernization, and also economic development (Fitch et al, 2013). According to Saydah & lochner (2010), there is a social-economic gradient in mortality associated with diabetes where income and education level are significant determinants of death risk (Saydah & Lochner, 1). This paper focuses on discussing obesity trends in America with reference to the past, present and future times.
Diabetes Incidences
The incidences of diabetes cases have been documented from as early as 1934. Hilde Bruch, a Germany pediatrician got startled on her arrival in New York City. Her observations were that children visiting the clinic as well as those she met on streets, schools and subways were so bloated and blown up unlike children in Germany. 1934 was the depth of Great Depression an error where people of the time mostly used soup kitchens and bread lines and the levels of employment were low. Studies conducted in United States indicated that one in every four workers was unemployed and that one in every ten people living in America lived in poverty. At this time, it also important to note that it was over twenty years before fast foods such as McDonald’s franchises and Kentucky Fried Chicken were processed. Similarly, this period was about fifty years before supersizing and corn syrup with high-fructose were discovered (Taubes, 13).
Health Problems Associated with Obesity
Obesity has been associated with several serious health conditions such as type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, fatty liver disease, gallstones, hypertension, gastro-esophageal reflux disease and different types of cancer (i.e. kidney, liver, Colon, prostate, breast and endometrial) (Taubes,15). Obesity has also been linked with psychological and psychiatric illnesses as well as raised risks of premature death among adults who are below 65 years old. Such deaths result from diabetes, ischemic heart disease, cancer and respiratory diseases (McKinney et al, 2013; NICE, 2014). In the US, obesity has been ranked the second leading cause of deaths that can be prevented, with only tobacco use causing a higher number of preventable diseases. A report by Health and Social Care Information Center showed that in 2011/2012 a total number of 11,740 admissions of patients with primary diagnosis of obesity were done in hospitals based in England. This figure was three times higher as compared to that of 2006/2007. The ratio of men to women who were admitted was 1:3, meaning that more women have obesity issues as compared to men. It is estimated that every year in US over 112,000 preventable deaths that are associated with obesity do occur (Fitch et al, 2013).
Consequences of Obesity
Overweight and obesity have become health issues of concern globally. Obesity has in the recent time been cited as the second major health concern of our age .Indeed, as mentioned earlier, this is not so small health problem- Obesity alone accounts for the overwhelming increase in heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure (Rivera & Deutsch, 50). The trend indicates that we are go...
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