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President Obama's Success in Past 4 Years (Research Paper Sample)

Hi i wanted you to write me a research essay about president obama And i wanted you to use 2 internet sources and 5 other magizen or newspaper sources. Also i dont want any plageism in my essay thank you source..
President Obama’s Success in Past 4 Years
Barrack Hussein Obama became the 44th president of the United States in 2008. His ascension to presidency was embraced with great jubilation and joy among the American people. He came into power when America was recovering from an economic crisis. United States had its soldiers in Iraq and was facing threats of terrorism. The health care needed reforms and the education system needed funding. Despite all this the people of America were optimistic that the future was bright and that change had come to the nation (Lee, para. 1-3; FishOutofWater, para. 1-6).
This paper talks about the successes of President Obama for the last four years. The paper will cover a wide area, from education, security, economy to healthcare. It can be said that in his first four years the president had several successes
Obama’s Success
Ending Iraq war
When president Obama came into power in 2008, there were thousands of American troops in Iraq. The troops had been deployed in the nation to participate in combat and assist in the fight against the development of weapons of mass destructions. The presence of the United States troops in the country had made Iraq become a War zone. This war had taken the lives of many United States soldiers together with Iraqis civilians and soldiers. President Obama helped to end this War by withdrawing United States troops from Iraq. The president managed to reduce the number of troops from 180,000 to 50,000; the forces that are present in the country and only there for training purposes and not war. This act by the president has reduced gunfire and War in Iraq. The country now, though sometimes there is fighting, is much better than it was before. The people of Iraq can now enjoy peace. The current situation has given them a hope for the future. They can now see a better future for their country and children. Therefore, the first success of President Obama in the last four years was ending the War in Iraq (CBC, para. 3-10).
Improving United States Security and Foreign Relations
In his last four years in office president Obama followed all the national policies on security and thus managed to frustrate al Qaeda’s the leadership of the group through the killing of their leader Osama. President Obama interfered with terrorist’s activities by ending the reign of Osama. Osama bin Laden was notorious terrorists responsible for the 9/11 bombing in United States. The terrorist attack by the Al-Qaida grouped led to the death of many Americans. The two airplanes crash on the twin towers was a great blow to America’s security agencies. After the 9/11, Osama disappeared and he was no where to be found. American security agencies endeavored to find him for he was responsible for the attack. They waged war on terrorism and al-Qaida group. Studies reveal that United States military searched for Osama in Afghan...
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