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Morality in the picture of dorian gray. Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


-use the annotated bibliography you have done to write this research paper. it should have an OUTLINE. the body should be 10 pages. make sure the annotated bibliography sources is what you are using to write this paper . apart from the sources on ctc database the other ones should be from appropriate books, periodicals etc to denote a variety of sources used. begin the research with the ctc library's online databases. ASK FOR LOGIN
-Each of the sources used in the works cited from your annotated bibliography must be used at least once in the research paper.. DO NOT use cliff notes, pink monkey, magill's survey, baron notes, schmoop, sparknotes, masterplots, dradesaver, monarch notes, enotes, encyclopedia, dictionaries, prezis, essays from paper mills, Wikipedia, and all other similar sources.
-use direct quotations sparingly, no more than 25% of the paper.
-be sure topic is sufficiently limited
-the level of diction should be formal(no slang, contractions, jargon, or technical terms without definitions.
-PLAGIARISM WILL LEAD TO AN F GRADE. Just start the outline without indicating name ,professor, corse , date,. i will do that when i'm copying it on the right link to submit.


Morality in the Picture of Dorian Gray
* The various limits of aesthetics are an implication of moral responsibility.
* To show the Picture of Dorian, Gray presents the negative impacts that Dorian's aesthetic life brought to him as well as the people that he came into contact with.
* Dorian’s outside beauty makes it easy for him to get away with a lot of crime because he appears too innocent to do something wrong. The other characters confuse his appearance with morality. Thus, this results in the downfall of each one of them that associates with Dorian.

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