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Comparison of the articles Memories of Montreal and Richness and Lend me your light use of detail to explore the importance of Cultural Practices (Research Paper Sample)


1.Include appropriate elements of the research essay, including summary, paraphrase and quotation, and integration and documentation of source material. Parenthetical citation and a works cited page in MLA style are required. 2.Summarizing and note taking 3.While a research essay normally involves conducting your own research, for this assignment, the research sources are provided (i.e., the readings listed are the research sources to be used). two articles, one of the title is "memories of Montreal and Richness", another article is "lend me your light" 5.Make sure that your thesis signals both your purpose in comparing the two essays and the basis for comparison that you have chosen. You may find that the Discussion Questions that follow each essay are useful in helping you identify the thesis, main ideas, rhetorical strategies, and supporting details used in the essays.


1    We both left Bombay the same year. Jamshed first, for New York, then I, for Toronto. As immigrants in North America, sharing this common experience should have salvaged something from our acquaintanceship. It went back such a long way, to our school days at St Xavier's.
2    To sustain an acquaintance does not take very much. A friendship, that's another thing. Strange, then, that it has ended so completely, that he has erased himself out of our lives, mine and Percy's; now I cannot imagine him even as a mere bit player who fills out the action or swells a procession.
3    Jamshed was my brother's friend. The three of us went to the same school. Jamshed and my brother, Percy, both four years older than I, were in the same class, and spent their time together. They had to part company during lunch, though, because Jamshed did not eat where Percy and I did, in the school's drillhall-cum-lunchroom.
4    The tiffin carriers would stagger into the school compound with their long, narrow rickety crates on their heads, each with fifty tiffin boxes, delivering lunches from homes in all corners of the city. When the boxes were unpacked, the drillhall would be filled with a smell that is hard to forget, thick as swill, while the aromas of four hundred steaming lunches started to mingle. The smell must have soaked into the very walls and ceiling, there to age and rancify. No matter what the hour of the day, that hot and dank grotto of a drillhall smelled stale and sickly, the way a vomit-splashed room does even after it is cleaned up.
5    Jamshed did not eat in this crammed and cavernous interior. Not for him the air redolent of nauseous odours. His food arrived precisely at one o'clock in the chauffeur-driven, air-conditioned family car, and was eaten in the leather-upholstered luxury of the back seat, amidst his collection of hyphenated lavishness.
6    In the snug dining-room where chauffeur doubled as waiter, Jamshed lunched through his school-days, safe from the vicissitudes of climate. The monsoon might drench the tiffin carriers to the bone and turn cold the boxes of four hundred waiting schoolboys, but it could not touch Jamshed or his lunch. The tiffin carriers might arrive glistening and stinking of sweat in the hot season, with scorching hot tiffin boxes, hotter than they'd left the kitchens of Bombay, but Jamshed's lunch remained unaffected.


Comparison of the articles  Memories of Montreal and Richness  and "Lend me your light" use of detail to explore the importance of Cultural Practices
The main aim of this study is to compare the use of detail in the exposition of cultural practices in the articles “Memories of Montreal and Richness" and "Lend me your light".
The articles, “Memories of Montreal and Richness" and "Lend me your light", have distinct exposition of the importance of cultural practices. Both articles explore a number of cultural practices despite the settings of the two articles being different with “Memories of Montreal and Richness" being set in Canada and relay the sadness felt by Milstein on his son's cultural practices and experience in childhood and how it differed to his, as a child. On the other hand, "Lend me your light" has an Indian setting, in Bombay, and relays Mistry's common cultural practices in Bombay while living there as a child .
The main theme brought about by the articles is the youthful, carefree childhood enjoyed by the writers in their places of birth. This is evidenced by the wonderful memories in time of their youth despite the distance that separates Montreal from Bombay and the affection with which the writers relieve their experiences.
The difference in the depiction of Montreal in the modern day and the fifties is clearly depicted in the article “Memories of Montreal and Richness". Moses feels sad for his son owing to the son's inability to have simple, nostalgic, and lively surroundings that characterized the old Montreal. Despite the old Montreal's description by the author as “a complex broth of slaughtered chicken, the rag trade, Yiddish newspapers and Chinese laundries” (Milsteins, 150), Moses is sad fo...
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