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Should the U.S. lower the drinking age to 18? (Research Paper Sample)

essay must contains an thesis sentence in the introduction paragraph with three details why Should the U.S. lower the drinking age to 18? then explain each details in each paragraph in the main boy after that the conclusion, total 5 paragraph.Must contains 5 mla sources including a work cite page source..
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Should the U.S. lower the drinking age to 18?
The consumption of alcohol has always been an essential part of the American life since the beginning. It is not only an accompaniment enjoyed on a regular basis during celebrations and social gatherings but in fact also serves as a silent friend in times of grief and distress. Nonetheless, as surprising as it may sound, the legal drinking age in the United States of America is 21 years, which tends to rank as one of the highest around the world. Based on the National Minimum Drinking age Act of 1984 by the Congress, in order to ensure a secure and steady supply of Federal Reserve for the roads and the transportation systems, each of the states within the United States of America must raise the minimum drinking age to 21 years in order to assure both the safety of the people as well as the infrastructure. (Wagenaar & Wolfson 37) However, keeping in mind the extensive history of the United States of America associated with drinking and the consumption of alcohol along with the harsh stipulations imposed by the government on age restrictions regarding its consumption, this research paper attempts to embark upon a number of reasons as to why the United States government should lower the legal drinking age from 21 years to 18 years of age.
Nowadays more and more incidents of binge drinking are reported, many officials including colleges and universities tend to petition on the fact that the decision of the government on restricting the age limit for drinking at 21years might after all not be a very wise one. There are a number of reasons that support this argument. Firstly, if the legal drinking age for drinking was lowered to 18 years than young adults can be exposed to alcohol beverages under the supervision of the adults at high school, dorms and most importantly parental supervision at home where they can be educat...
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