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Cultural Aspect in Language Translation in the Post-Colonial Era (Research Paper Sample)


Research Prompt - Critical Thinking Your task (aka “The Prompt”): In a carefully considered, argumentative, publication-quality research paper, conduct an in-depth, comprehensive critical analysis featuring—note that there is a difference between “featuring” and “about”—Benjamin's “The Task of the Translator” and Ngugi’s Decolonising the Mind. Your analysis must be grounded in a specific, identified literary/critical theory, viz. post-structuralism, post-colonialism/Oricntalism, reader response theory, green theory. New Historicism, or countless other schools of thought.
Essay Option Requirements You arc required to demonstrate a clear understanding of the primary texts and your selected theoretical texts. You must also consider likely opposing viewpoints. You may do this in either a separate refutation section or within your individual paragraphs. Whichever method you select, your refutation/counter argument must represent a real consideration of the “other side” and not merely be an afterthought that serves no other purpose than to satisfy a requirement of this assignment. Careful textual analysis is generally not synonymous with simply restating what a particular text says. Your analysis should rely heavily on a close reading of the texts, including drawing inferences, conducting grammatical/structural analysis, and analyzing diction (word choice). You must also synthesize your sources in support of a relatively unique, thesis driven argument. Finally, your structure must reflect your thought process in relation to your thesis. Do not give me a laundry list of reasons that you think your literary text should be understood from a particular school of thought. Each paragraph, ideally, will spring logically from what was established in the preceding paragraph(s).


thesis. Do not give me a laundry list of reasons that you think your literary text should be understood from a particular school of thought. Each paragraph, ideally, will spring logically from what was established in the preceding paragraph(s).Research project (papers or proposals) are due on Canvas 12/8ZOOM)0Q,Research projects are due on Canvas 12/8
Other Requirements
Thesis driven, regardless of where you place the thesis
MLA style, including a complete and correct works cited page
12 pt. Times New Roman font
8-10 pages
10 sources (Ngugi, and Benjamin are 2 of these), including 3 outside works of literary criticism, at least 4 (total) scholarly sources from the library databases, Benjamin’s “The Task of the Translator,” and Ngugi’s Decolonising the Mind. All sources must be annotated.
Pristine grammar and syntax


Cultural Aspect in Language Translation in the Post-Colonial Era
The use and the interpretation of literary text across different cultures has often been an issue of interest among different scholars. Most Western scholars and Russian scholars have emphasized the importance of viewing language from the perspective of Pre-Translation Text Analysis (PTA) that consists of various factors for people to have a clear understanding of language (Bassnett 301). Most of these authors suggest that it is important to carry out a consideration of the external factors surrounding the translation of a literary text, get to know the genre and style of the text and designating the type of information that has been presented in any literary text. One thing that perhaps stands out from the views of these authors is that culture often influences the way a language is read and interpreted. In a post-colonial era, most of the societies across the world use language as a tool of communication. Most of the literary texts used in most of these societies have been translated from one language to another. Most of the societies particularly in Africa, the Middle East, and some Indian sub-continents are struggling with their identity due to colonization. Some African authors such as Ngugi wa Thiongo do argue that language is indeed an expression of culture and it is not good for African communities to abandon their languages and embrace the language of the Western countries. As Ngugi puts it, it is a 'new form of colonization'. Perhaps as a response to Ngugi's suggestions, several Western literary texts have been translated into the African languages. However, these texts often fail to be popular among the people since they do not take into consideration the external factors surrounding the community that will use the translation. In his 1921 essay The Task of the Translator, Walter Benjamin argues that translation should be viewed from the perspective of an art rather than a secondary derivative of any literary text (Benjamin 258). Translating Western literary text with Benjamin's arguments in mind can play a great role in understanding among local communities. This paper utilizes the post-colonialism theory of literature by relying on Ngugi wa Thiongo’s Decolonising the Mind: the Politics of Language in African Literature.

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