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ENGLISH 101: John F. Kennedy Assassination controversy Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)

My paper has to be double spaced and with a header.Mla format Author, title of article, title og publication itallized,public info. , dates of access and medium. Rough draft due Oct. 17, 2013. Sources are mla citation,Academic search complete,and mla handbook for writers of research papers 7th edition. Opposing view points,Arts and Humanities. Delgado Library web. My paper has to include my instructors name, Ms.Elise english 101 date and my name Chaqueta Jones. Mu paper also has to include a header including my last name Jones. And page numbers. The word works cited has to be centered.go to paragraph click on spacing click special hanging indent. Sources great for research are,.edu,.gov,.net . No .coms or .orgs. Thank you guys for all you help. source..
Instructor: Ms ELISE
Course: ENGLISH 101
Date: OCT. 17, 2013
John F. Kennedy Assassination controversy
In November 22, 1963 morning , US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy, boarded Air force One to Texas Dallas after giving speech in Fort Worth. On arrival in Love Field Airport, the President’s motorcade was ready for the Dallas trip that was scheduled to give him utmost exposure to the enthusiastic crowds. He was accompanied by his wife Jacqueline, the Vice-President Lyndon Johnson, Governor John Connally and his wife Nellie Connally. During the procession, a sniper fired shots at the president, two bullets hitting him, one in the head and one in the neck (Bugliosi). The president was taken to The Parkland Hospital where he was pronounced dead in the emergency room. Lee Harvey Oswald was charged with killing him. A Commission headed by Chief Justice Earl Warren was formed to conduct further investigations on the assassination.
The Warren Commission was created by the President Lyndon B. Johnson to probe the assassination. The commission mainly conducted its business in closed sessions, the public was not allowed in during the proceedings except if the witness requested an open hearing and only one requested a public hearing. Although the hearings were conducted in private, witnesses that would stand before the Commission were allowed to repeat freely to anyone what they said, their testimony was consequently published in the volumes put out by th...
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