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The importance of education in Fahrenheit 451. Research Paper (Research Paper Sample)


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The importance of education in Fahrenheit 451


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Importance of Education in Fahrenheit 451
There has been a significant simplification of education in different parts of the world. in his novel, Fahrenheit 451, Bradbury expresses a theme that is rarely tackled in most fiction stories. The theme focuses on the importance of education and the benefits of its simplification in society. The novel is set in the future where firemen will no longer be required to put off fires, but rather, books will be set on fire by burning them at 451 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, this paper will focus on the importance of education in the novel.
Based on the novel, education can result in an educated society, hence making it difficult for leaders to oppress their followers. Such explains the reason as to why books are burned in the future setting described in the novel. Therefore, if the books are burned, then people would not have access to important information that might change the world. The burning of books is a symbol of how the current society conceals essential information from its people. 

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