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Immigrations in the United States (Research Paper Sample)

We are going to look more deeply, consider analytically, and produce an academic quality writing. In your writing you will ask the audience to think about the questions you are posing. This paper should offer an argument on an issue. You are going to talk about the both sides of the issue from different angles!!! Topic: Immigration in the United States (should U.S. allows more immigration? Should U.S. open its immigration policy? Etc.) (You are going to find three big supporting points to support your topics. For this topic (Immigration in the United States), you could talk about the aspects of economics, labor force, environment, technology, employment, illegal immigrants and etc. Try not to express your own opinion. Only look at the different sides of the problems. ) Essay Structure: - Proper introduction - A strong thesis statement showing 1-3-1 structure. - Each paragraph contains about 5 sentences, including topic sentence at beginning and transition at the end of the each paragraph. (Please STRICTLY follow this rule) - Body paragraphs with topics related to those stated n thesis - Smooth transitions between paragraphs - Proper conclusion with thesis restated. - Proper MLA attribution - Should contain 10 scholar resources. source..
Immigrations in the United States
Immigration around the globe has been enhanced by globalization greatly. There are immense advantages of immigration, but also disadvantages have also been on the increase. Developed countries have received the largest number of immigrants due to the better chances of flourishing. Moreover, some immigrants have continued to overstay their visits while others are in the country illegally. The US has been the prime target of illegal immigrants bringing about social constraint in the new population due to low wages among other problems. Many countries have therefore employed deportation as a mode of eliminating illegal immigrants from their country, but controversy has arisen regarding the benefits of deportation versus provision of amnesty to the immigrants. This essay will argue that immigrants will be of benefit in the long run and should be supported by all.
Economic advantages of Immigration
Allowing immigrants and granting residence to immigrants has advantages beneficial to the country in the long run. Revenue can be got by providing residence because legal and illegal immigrants are always on the run from law enforcers and work in areas unmanned by police. They use their earnings in shopping malls and do not pay taxes unless the tax included in the item bought over the counter. Legal immigrants and amnesty ensures they are employed in recognized sectors and they would therefore become targets for taxation like local citizens of the country (Hobbs and Postings 229). This is an increase in state revenue that results to better service provision due to increased revenue pool since the immigrants comply with tax regulation.
Unfavorable living conditions in home country contribute to immigration. People move in search of greener pastures and without paper work or dependant, the immigrant search jobs in informal sectors where they accept lower wages driving the wages lower for the rest of the population (Hobbs and Postings 229). In order to reverse these effects of low wages, granting them work permit will encourage people to be employed and paid with respect to their skills and experiences. This will make wages to shoot to the same level to residents of the country (Mastrianna, 179). This will have an effect of sustained economy in the long run because of sustainable wages for all leading to better wages in the country.
Immigrants accept any job to sustain them before they look for better chances (Porter). The provide labor to jobs that residents do not accept thereby bridging the gap left when people choose elite jobs. Citizenship would thus ensure a condition that allows labor at all levels filled. Deportation would increase the labor gaps in the economy hurting the development of the economy. Immigrants play a major role in labor market and their citizenship would ensure filling of labor gaps enhancing the economy to run (Mastrianna, 179). And because many...
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